Two Must Have Baby Products to Make Life Easier

Two Must Have Baby Products to Make Life Easier

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When you have your first baby and are registering for your baby shower gifts, you know to register for the things everyone says – car seat, pack and play, blankets, bottles, diaper bag, etc.  But there are two baby products that will make your life as a new mom so much easier, particularly when you are travelling with your baby.

When I was pregnant with my daughter, Peyton, one of my friends at work told me I HAD to have a  Fisher-Price Rock and Play Sleeper.  I wasn’t entirely sure what I would use this for, but once I had Peyton, I was sold.  She loved to sleep in it.  We would bring it to visit friends and family since it collapsed so easily.

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We would also bring it outside with my son, Gage,  since it was easy to put him in and keep him out of the sun.


Both my kids napped in the Rock and Play Sleeper, or would even just hang out in it if we were visiting.  They loved it and it was much easier than lugging around the Pack and Play.

The second item I did not discover until after Peyton was born.  She was obsessed with her baby swing!  She would swing in that thing for hours and hardly make a peep.  This was great when we were at home, but not so much when we weren’t.

That was when I discovered the Fisher-Price Deluxe Take Along Swing and Seat.  This was a lifesaver!!  Peyton or Gage could sleep in it if they were not feeling the Rock and Play Sleeper or just sit and play.  It was so convenient to take along with us!  We even brought the travel baby swing on our beach vacation when Gage was only a few months old.  It fit perfectly inside the beach tent we had.  It kept him shaded and content and allowed us time to play with Peyton!

What are your must have baby products?

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When you have your first baby and are registering for your baby shower, you know to register for the things everyone suggests - these two baby products are hidden gems that make like much easier! #ad

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