Must Have Baby Products to Make Life Easier

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(Note: updated in April 2019 – I no longer like to recommend the Fisher Price Rock n Play even though it worked great for us – there has been warnings due to a number of infant deaths)

When you have your first baby and are registering for your baby shower gifts, you know to register for the things everyone says – car seat, Pack N Play, blankets, bottles, diaper bag, etc.  But there are a few baby products that will make your life as a new mom so much easier.

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Travel Swing

The second item I did not discover until after Peyton was born.  She was obsessed with her baby swing!  She would swing in that thing for hours and hardly make a peep.  This was great when we were at home, but not so much when we weren’t.

That was when I discovered the Fisher-Price Deluxe Take Along Swing and Seat.  This was a lifesaver!!  Peyton or Gage could sleep in it if they were not feeling the Rock and Play Sleeper or just sit and play.  It was so convenient to take along with us!  We even brought the travel baby swing on our beach vacation when Gage was only a few months old.  It fit perfectly inside the beach tent we had.  It kept him shaded and content and allowed us time to play with Peyton!

Sound Machine

A recommendation that I got from a friend when I was first pregnant was to get a sound machine and I thought it was crazy – but not so.  Babies are used to hearing a sound while they are growing in your belly so for them to come out to the world and try to sleep in silence is tough.  A soft sound machine helps soothe baby into sleep.

We’ve always had one in our kids rooms but the one that was a real lifesaver?  The travel white noise machine that was gifted to us that attached to the car seat or stroller.  It was perfect for car rides or walks!


You know when you see pictures of newborns and they are all wrapped up so tight in those nice swaddles and look so cozy and happy?  Well, I don’t know about you, but it is crazy hard to swaddle with a blanket!  When we were in the hospital with Peyton, both me and my husband would try and her feet were always hanging out.

That’s why you need a SwaddleMe . Or 5 – for when they are dirty.  They come with velcro to make it super easy to wrap your baby up tight for bedtime.

Are these things on your baby registry?  Or they make for great baby shower gifts!

What are your must have baby products?

Must Have Baby Products

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must have baby products

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