zoo animal bingo game

Zoo Animal Printable Bingo Game for Kids

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Zoo Animal Bingo Game

One of my kids favorite places to visit is the zoo!  It is really the best attraction for the whole family.  There are so many different animals to see and it is always so much fun to see how they all act so differently.

As my kids got older, they liked reading the signs about the animals, learning about their habitats, what they eat and where they are from.  

A great way to make a trip to the zoo even more fun is by taking the zoo animals and making them into a game of bingo.  Everyone knows how to play bingo and adding a little prize, maybe from the gift shop or a special snack can give special incentive for the first player to get bingo!

These zoo theme game cards are the perfect place to start!  As with all bingo cards, the center space is a free space and makes everyone start in an equal way.   This game can be played in small groups or with each child having their own unique game boards.  An easy way to make off the name of the animal that you see if by bringing either a dot marker or bingo daubers.  They can easily be put in your pocket to carry around.  

For the best results, a good idea is describing bingo and how the cards work first.  A child can get bingo by getting a straight line across an entire row.  Everyone has similar cards but just a little different.  That way its more likely one person will win this fun game.  Each space will show animal pictures and kids can match them to the animals they see at the zoo.

These printable bingo cards are a fun way to see the zoo you have been to many times in a different way.  It can even make the zoo fun again for older children.  What may have seemed like a boring trip can now be a ton of fun!  It provides a great opportunity to enjoy a fun day as a family!

Another way to use this great game is on a school field trip to a zoo.  Each child in the class would get a different board and the first child to get bingo would get a prize.  It would be a simple game to use with any grade.  

Grab these fun zoo animal bingo cards and make your next trip to the zoo one to remember!

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