Meal Scheduling for Babies

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The day when your little baby gets to start eating something other than breast milk or formula is an exciting day.  That day comes all too quickly and you think, this will make things easier as you start to move them towards eating the same food as you.  And you want them to try everything!  But then you learn about how babies are only supposed to try new foods every three days to make sure that there are no allergies.  This is easy at the start – apples for three days, then alternate apple and banana.  But soon, you start increasing the number of times they have food during the day and the different foods you are feeding them. It’s likely been a month since you started, and you are tired, and you think, did I give him strawberries yet or not?  Has it been three days since the last new food?  What am I feeding him or her today?

I ran into this exact problem with my son Gage.  Not only was I trying to remember what I did for his food, but I also had a 3 year old running around, so as I tried to start giving them similar meals, I’d have to step back and think, did I give that to Gage yet?    To help with this, I put together a feeding schedule that I would use each week in order to see what new foods I would be feeding him.  I would work out his meals a week in advance, trying to see what I could give him for dinner that was the same as us and what I needed to adjust.  Writing everything down made things much easier and more visual.  I’d go to make his meals, and it was already all laid out for me after spending just a little time at the beginning of the week.  I’d use a schedule similar to this free printable that can certainly assist you in making a schedule for your baby!

Weekly Meal Plan

I hope you find this as useful as I did!

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  1. I can totally understand how it’s easy to forget what you’ve given your baby! Sometimes I forget what I eat myself lol but having a physical meal plan is wonderful!

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