Free First Day of Kindergarten Coloring Pages

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First Day of School Coloring Pages

When younger children start kindergarten, it is a big milestone in their life!  Their journey through elementary school is just beginning.  There is so much for them to get used to – a new teacher, new friends, and lots of fun, new school activities.  A great way to commemorate this important day is with these first day of kindergarten coloring pages.

Kindergarten is such a fun time for kids.  They are no longer preschool kids and go to school with the big kids.  They look forward to finding a new best friend.  It’s a great time of their little lives.  

At the start of the new school year, a fun activity helps teachers get to know their new students and children to get used to a new class.  These free coloring sheets are an excellent opportunity for children to get to know their new classmates and relax as they adjust to their new school.

These printable activities are a fun way to get the kindergarten learning started by using the children’s fine motor skills and testing their color recognition.  They also make a great keepsake for parents.  You could take it out years later when they are in a higher grade level and show them their amazing artwork!

These cute coloring pages are also the perfect way to ease back into a new school year from summer vacation.  It can be hard to keep the kids attention after being off all summer long.  Plus, for some kids, it may be their first time in a classroom environment.  

So this is a great activity for the first week of school.  The kids will have so much fun coloring these pictures.  It’s a creative way to start the new school year. Each coloring page has its own fun design so kids can pick which one they like best!

Grab these free coloring pages for kindergarten to share below!

I hope you enjoy these fun coloring pages for kindergarten!

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