7 Grocery Shopping Hacks to Slash Your Grocery Bill

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Tips to Slash Your Grocery Bill

When you are a mom with kids, you suddenly realize how a grocery bill can creep up quickly!  A grocery shopping trip can get very expensive with trying to make sure your kids eat healthy.  Eating healthy isn’t cheap!

And then there’s the snacks – all those snacks!  Kids go through snacks like they have never been fed before. 

I’m always looking for ways to save at the grocery store and here are the grocery shopping hacks I’ve found to help slash your grocery bill!


Tip #1:  Check to see if your grocery store has electronic coupons.  Stop and Shop has an app with all of its coupons on it.  

I can go through and click them before going to the store and they are loaded onto my Stop and Shop card.  So once its scanned at checkout, all of those coupons I’ve “clipped” are scanned as personal discounts. This makes it much easier than trying to keep track of paper coupons.

Tip #2:  Meal planning goes a long way to helping to reduce your grocery bill.  A great way to start is to look at what you already have in the house and try to plan some meals around that.  This way you can buy less and use what’s in your house.  

If you need some help putting together a meal plan, here is a sample family meal plan and free printable meal planner.

Tip #3:  Check the circular for what is on sale.  I actually usually do this before I make my meal plan.  Then I can plan my meals around what is on sale. This helps to reduce your grocery bill.

Another thing I look for in the grocery flyer is to see if any of the staples that I like to keep in the house are on sale, like pasta, spaghetti sauce, or macaroni and cheese.  When they are on sale, I buy more so that I am getting it at a cheaper price and then won’t need it later.

Tip #4:  Stick to that grocery list!  You have gone through the effort to put together a meal plan and shopping list, so it helps to stick to it.


Now, I don’t ALWAYS adhere to this rule, but I do my best and follow it more often than not.  This eliminates those impulse buys that you generally see at the end of aisles. They add up quicker than you think!!


Tip #5:  Use Ibotta!  If you have not heard of Ibotta yet, it is an app on your phone that will give you cash back for your groceries.  

All you have to do is select the rebates that apply to something you bought, then scan your grocery receipt and scan your the bar code of your item.  That simple!  

I’ve been using it for 2 years and have gotten back over $500!  You can use my referral code here to sign up: Ibotta.  It is super easy and well worth the few minutes spent!  You also get a $10 welcome bonus just for signing up!


Tip #6:  Try buying store brands,   I’ve found this to be a big savings as well and in a lot of cases, I like the store brands even better.  This has especially been the case with some of the kids snacks. Who would have thought that store brand animal crackers would taste better!

Some other items are just everyday things that I buy often like milk, half and half and sandwich bags.

Tip #7:  Consider buying in bulk.  Sometimes grocery stores have bulk items on sale more often.  For example, I usually buy a bigger size of ground beef – it’s cheaper than buying it for just one meal and I get at least two meals out of it!  This can save you money and provide two meals instead of just one!


Trying to slash your grocery bill can be difficult, especially when everyone loves something different.  But using these grocery shopping hacks should help you out!

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Grocery Shopping Hacks 

grocery shopping hacks

15 thoughts on “7 Grocery Shopping Hacks to Slash Your Grocery Bill”

    1. Stephanie Eddy

      There are definitely a lot of items that I ended up finding that I liked the store brand better – I had just never tried it!

    1. Stephanie Eddy

      With Ibotta, I think it just depends on what you shop for and how often you use it – I’ve actually saved over $500 using Ibotta for 2 years.

  1. Grocery shopping is my most hated chore! But making a list and sticking to it are by far the best saving tips! Great ideas!

  2. I always overspend on groceries! I have started ordering online and picking up and it has definitely saved me some because I don’t walk by something and just throw it in the cart!

  3. These are some great tips, ESPECIALLY the first one! I helped my mom cut her grocery bill in half by teaching her how to plan weekly meals, write grocery lists for the meals, and STICK TO THE LIST!! Great post!

  4. Meal planning and having a shopping list are money saver tips! If I don’t have one, I buy lots of things that I don’t really need or want, just because I’m hungry or it looks interesting.

  5. Great tips!! I always love using coupons while going shopping. It may not save much but it’s better than nothing. Also making a grocery list is a must because that helps eliminate purchasing items you do not necessarily need.

  6. I am constantly blown away by the amount that people spend on their groceries! My partner and I are thrifty as HECK, and we’re really good when it comes to groceries. We go to multiple places to ensure that we’re getting the best deals, and we know exactly what products are exactly the same as the store brand versions, and what things need to be by a certain brand. Shopping around and trying new things helps save so much money!

  7. Stephanie,
    Great tips, especially Ibotta! I’m right around $500 also after a couple years of using and we don’t have a ton of groceries to buy. My husband travels so usually that leaves just me and sometimes my daughter. I use Ibotta for other things also besides just groceries; you can buy from Amazon, Ebay, Priceline, some chain hotels, and even Uber! Great Post; lots of info

  8. I also meal plan off of the sales ads and go shopping once a week on Tuesday and compare the new add to the old add the other thing that I do is I never go to the grocery store when I’m hungry and if there’s something on sale that I use all of the time I stock up either canned goods or meet

    1. I just started stocking up on things that I can when they are on sale. Seems to be working good so far! These are more great tips!

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