What to Pack for a Beach Trip with Toddlers

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It’s summer, it’s finally warm outside and what’s your first thought – let’s go to the beach! Seems easy enough, right? Then you realize you have the kids in tow and it all changes.  What’s on your beach packing list now?

beach packing list for toddlers

Think about how much you have for your kids to entertain at home – how can you possibly cut down everything to make it manageable?  Here are the must have items for your beach vacation!

Beach Packing List

1. Sunscreen – obvious right? With everything else you are packing, since it is so obvious, it can be overlooked. We love to use Babyganics Sunscreen Spray – it goes on a little faster than anything else and has always worked great.

2. Water Wings- This is if your child cannot swim yet or is not a strong swimmer. Both of my kids are under 4, so it’s a must for us but they work great.

3. Sand Toys – Every kid is excited to go swimming and sometimes you think they would last forever, but the reality is they do get tired of the water, or you need to force a break on them when their lips start to turn purple. Bring a few simple sand toys – a couple buckets and shovels, and it will keep them busy while they are taking a break from the water.

4. Beach Tent – This is especially important if you have smaller ones.  It is a great way to get some shade when at the beach that may not offer it.  We have one that is big enough for two kids – they have taken naps in there or put their little chairs in there to sit and have a snack and escape the sun.  The best part is it has flaps on the side to open and catch a breeze if there is one.

5.  Small Collapsible Chairs – While it is nice to have the kids just sit on a towel, I have found that small collapsible chairs keep things a little less sandy (if that’s at all possible!) and easier for the kids to eat snacks.

6.  Hats and/or sunglasses – The sun can be bright for little eyes and depending on the age, you may want to protect your little ones head.  Or like my daughter, she needs her sunglasses.  She likes them when it’s bright, or even to wear in the water.

7.  Snacks – No matter how long you are at the beach, every little kid wants a snack when they come out of the water.  Our staples for beach snacks are watermelon, pretzels, graham crackers and goldfish.

beach day trip with toddlers

What are your go-to items for a beach vacation?

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