Fun Summer Snacks for Kids

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While playing outside during the summer, the kids are always looking for one thing – snacks!!  It doesn’t matter if they just ate breakfast or lunch, it’s still snack time in their minds.

kid friendly summer snacks

We were out playing at a splash pad last week and the kids went through EVERY. SINGLE. SNACK before lunch!  Then were still looking for more.  I don’t know if it’s the running around that gets to them more hungry or it’s the sun, but some days, it gets out of control.

Since snacks are such a summer thing, whether in the backyard, at the beach or at a friends house, I try to look for some healthier options to go along with the fun summer ones, like Hoodsie ice cream cups.

Here are my top summertime snacks for kids!

Watermelon – Nothing screams summertime like watermelon!  The kids absolutely love it, it’s fruit so not all that bad for them, plus helps them keep hydrated.  I don’t know what it is about kids and watermelon, but my kids literally ate a quarter of a watermelon just the other day.  They just keep coming back for more and it makes a pretty easy snack.

Yogurt Squeezers – This is a fun one that my neighbor tipped me off to when our girls were just little.  Take the tubes of yogurt and put them in the freezer.  Once they are frozen, just clip the top and you have a healthy and fun snack for the kids.  They think that they are getting some treat out of the norm and you know that you are actually giving them a pretty healthy snack because it’s just yogurt!

Snack Mix – Peyton is always asking me for a snack mix.  I made it for her one time and now she asks all the time!  I usually keep it simple and just add things that are already in the cabinet.  This is also a good way to sneak in some healthier options.

One thing she always asks for are M&Ms, so then I throw in some yogurt covered raisins to give it a little healthier spin.  I’ve also included things like goldfish, teddy grahams (or whatever similar I have), Cheerios, and Chex.


Graham Crackers –  A healthier alternative to other crackers, these are also easy to throw a sleeve into your beach bag or purse and break them up as you go for each kid.  Gage loved these at the beach this summer – he would always end up with some mix of graham crackers crumbs and sand, but he was a happy boy.

Strawberries and Cream – This is one of those fun snacks that the kids think they are getting something special because of the whipped cream but they are really eating yummy strawberries and the cream is not all that bad for them!  Win-win for everyone!

What are some of your go-to summer snacks for kids?

Kid Friendly fun summer snacks

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  1. I loved this LOL! All the snacks you mentioned are things I love too! I can eat my weight in graham crackers especially! I’m gluten free, but they still taste good to me! Cute little one, by the way!

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