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Awesome Date Night Ideas for Parents

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Date Night for Parents

Before you have kids, you have no idea what a date night for parents is.  You go out to dinner, a movie, a sporting event or friends party without a second thought.

date night options for parents

Then along comes baby #1 and everything changes.  Instead of going out to dinner, we are trying to figure out who is going to stay up late with the baby and who is taking the early shift.  Your independence completely changes.

Why Do Parents Need Date Nights?

It’s so difficult to get any alone time with your significant other. You might get an hour while the baby sleeps and you are not sleeping, but the quality time that you knew as a couple is no longer there. This is where the importance of date nights come in.

You are likely so exhausted as a new mom or dad. You can’t think of anything besides sleep.  But date nights with your husband or wife, are so important.  Once you have children, it is so easy to just get caught up in them and no longer connect with each other.

A date night is a way for you to connect with your partner, without the interruption of kids. This is so important so you can remember why you got together in the first place. To feel like you are a husband or a wife not just a parent.

What Does a Date Night Consist Of?

A date night for parents can consist of anything you want! One of the best ways is to get out of the house and spend some time with each other. Doing something your both enjoy!

These date night ideas for parents are sure to give you some great options!

Trivia Night

Before we had kids, we were semi-regulars at trivia night at one of our favorite haunts.  Now it’s tough to get to them, but they are so fun, give you a chance to get out without the kids and provide time to chat and do something a little different.

Go on a brewery/winery tour

We had never been on a brewery or winery tour prior to having kids but were given a gift for a brewery tour, with babysitting included!  We had a great time during the brewery tour, learning all about how it was brewed and then enjoying the lounge and samples after.  It was a unique way to spend the day!

date night for parents

Trying out a new Restaurant

I know, just to go out to dinner does not seem very original.  But we love to try a restaurant we haven’t been to before, where we can eat, without any crying, whining, making sure the kids food is all cut up, eating fast enough before they start to get fussy.  We take the opportunity to get a salad or app, dinner and dessert and to talk without our little girl saying, excuse me, excuse me, excuse me.  It’s a great way to re-connect.

Go to a ball game

Before we had kids, we loved going to Red Sox games.  We went to at least 10 games a year without a second thought.  Now, a night out to a ball game is a wonderful treat for us.  We love watching the game, hanging out and chatting.  Our passion for the game hasn’t changed but the amount of time we spend at the ballpark has!

date night ideas for parents

Go to one of your old haunts

We have a few places that we used to love to frequent in our pre-kids days – the restaurant where we had our first date, a bar/restaurant we used to go to for games or just to hang out on a Saturday afternoon.  It has a nostalgia to go to these places.  It is definitely one of my favorite date nights!

Go on a Dinner Cruise

There is nothing like having dinner on a boat, followed by dancing, watching the sunset and beautiful views of the city at night.  It is such a fun night out and provides great entertainment and plenty of opportunities to feel like you are truly dating your husband/wife again!

date night for parents

What is your favorite date night activity?

date night ideas

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Date Night Options for Parents

10 thoughts on “Awesome Date Night Ideas for Parents”

  1. My husband would like to spend date night at Walmart. I have been lamenting that we haven’t been invited to a wedding for a while (fancy dinner, dressing up). I like the idea of trivia night – I will have to research that!

    1. Stephanie Eddy

      Baseball games are definitely one of our top ones when we can swing it! We used to go all the time before kids.

  2. We do not have date nights often enough. Our favorite is game night and we usually have other friends join! We really need to find more time. A brewery tour would be a great date night!

    1. Stephanie Eddy

      The brewery tour was a lot of fun! It was given to us as a gift, with babysitting included which always helps!

  3. We are goin on a day date this Sunday and it will be the first one since having our newest baby (#4). I love all these ideas.

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