The Ultimate Guide to Kids Summer Activities

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Summer is just around the corner, it’s almost time for the kids to be done with school and now we are faced with the question – what are we going to do all summer?  Here are some of our favorite summer activities to go with the kids.

Go to the park/playground – This is such a fun activity and great way to let the kids get energy out.  There is built in entertainment with the playground and you can generally keep them in contained and not running away from you!

Go to the zoo – Peyton loves going to the zoo and seeing all the animals.  It’s a fun way to learn about different animals and the kids get all excited to see them!  Bonus – a lot of zoos have playgrounds or rides as well so they provide even more entertainment!

Paint with water – Kids love to paint – it’s messy and they love using all the colors.  A creative way to let them paint outside without the mess is to give them a bucket of water and a paintbrush and they can go to town on a fence or walkway with the water and draw things!

Water play in backyard – This can be so many different things and we have accumulated a few different ones over the last couple years.

We love the water table – it’s easy to fill up, you can put anything in it – shovels, spoons, cups, bowls, boats – and my 3.5 year old loves it just as much as my 1 year old.

We got this super fun splash pad above for Gage’s first birthday and it’s been a huge hit!  The best part is after you turn off the sprinkler portion, water stays in the middle for tons more water play!

We also have a small inflatable pool with a cool little slide in between that the kids love to run in and out of.

Movie night – An outdoor movie night is such a fun activity with the kids and something that they look forward to!  Check out

Go to splash pad – Kids love playing in water and this such a fun and often free activity.  We have 4 or 5 different splash pads within a half hour drive and the kids love them!

Riding bikes – Seems so simple, but Peyton asked all winter since she got her bike for Christmas if she could ride it.  She loves to ride her bike either in the driveway or up and down the street!

What is your favorite summertime activity for the kids?

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9 thoughts on “The Ultimate Guide to Kids Summer Activities”

  1. The Zoo is definitely my go to Summer activities for when I’m babysitting. All of the kids love it and it’s a good learning experience for them as well.

    1. Stephanie Eddy

      Us too!! Between my neighbors and us, we have accumulated quite a variety of water play toys – some days it looks like a mini waterpark in the backyard!

  2. Love this list! We did a bunch of these over the summer but I have never tried the painting with water one. Will have to add that to my list 🙂

  3. We love movie nights! Our community has free outdoor movie nights on the lawn in the summer and its awesome! Great list!

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