How to have a kids outdoor movie night

How to have a kids outdoor movie night

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Looking for a fun summer activity that your kids will love?  There is nothing like a an outdoor movie on a beautiful summer night!

We have done these with our neighbors for the last two summers and have already had one this summer!  The kids love it because they don’t have to head inside and leave their friends.  Better yet, the adults love it because the kids are occupied and in one place (most of the time!) and we can relax for at least a few minutes!

So how have we done these movie nights?  They have certainly evolved as we get more experienced.

The first year, we got a screen, hung it on our shed, used a projector and computer and projected the movie that way.

We also used our old couch cushions and brought those out for the kids to sit on while watching the movie.  While our movie screen has changed, the couch cushions have become a staple!  The kids love how comfortable they are and there is at least one for each kid, with a couple extras.

Over the winter, my neighbor bought this unbelievable new inflatable movie screen.  It is about 14 feet high and was super easy to put it.  You just inflate the screen, stake it down and you are ready to go!  No more trying to make sure the screen is straight and flat.


It was even a little windy that night and there were no issues with the inflatable screen.

Once you have your screen, and comfy seats for the kids, the last thing you need is obvious – snacks!! is usually a staple for us.  Sometimes its just a quick microwave version, but a few times we have taken out our popcorn machine.

Other snacks we’ve had are cheddar bunnies, animal crackers and pretzels.  Most times its a combination of a few things, depending on what the kids are asking for.

This is easily one of the kids favorite summer activities.  When we are outside playing, they are always asking if we can have a movie night!  The biggest question is always…what movie should we watch!

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  1. I love this as a summer activity. I will definitely need to try it out. Thank you for the blog post. I enjoyed reading it

  2. This is awesome! I’m totally coming over to your house for movie night! The projector screen is super cool. I, too, used to use a sheet. I’m gonna have to look into the cool screen you got. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Ahhh, this makes me nostalgic for drive-in theaters. I’m actualy old enough for this to have been a staple in my childhood. A great way to bring back a really fun past-time in a slightly modern way. I couldn’t help but notice the little tikes car. (Now was that placed strategically to give the drive-in feel, or did it just happen to be in the pic?) A great way to get to know the neighbors too I would imagine. We have done this at our church before using just the sheet hung on the side of the building to project on and it worked quite nicely. That inflatable is pretty sweet though. How much does something like that run?

    1. The little tikes was there by accident but would have been better if it was strategically placed! The inflatable screen was around $180. It was definitely worth the investment!

  4. There’s a local Asian festival that uses an inflatable projector screen, and it’s so handy! This makes me want to get one and watch more movies outdoors. I have a tablet with a projector, and I hardly ever use it.

    1. It works and goes up so easily! Before we were hanging sheets on the shed and it used to take forever to set up!

  5. Oh my gosh I just love this idea!! I’ve always wanted to do this!! I think the kids would absolutely LOVE IT!

    1. My neighbors, my husband, and I end up sitting out there watching the screen after we put the kids to bed!

  6. This is such a fun idea! I took my Kiddies to their first outdoor movie this summer but the Hubby and I have been plotting on having our own version. This is going to be super helpful with pulling that off! Thanks so much!

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