Outdoor Movie Night Ideas

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Backyard Movie Night

Looking for a fun summer activity that your kids will love?  There is nothing like a an outdoor movie night!  There are a couple different ways to set up a backyard movie.

Outdoor Movie

We have had an outdoor movie night with our neighbors for the last two summers and have already had one this summer! 

The kids love it because they don’t have to head inside when it gets dark and leave their friends. 

Better yet, the adults love it because the kids are occupied and in one place (most of the time!) and we can relax for at least a few minutes!

How Can I Watch Movies in My Backyard?

There are a couple different choices when deciding how to watch a movie in your backyard.

You can either hang up a flat, white screen on the side of a flat surface, like your shed, garage or house.

Or you can invest in a movie screen that can be set up. There are several options, including an awesome, easy to use inflatable movie screen.

The first year, we got a flat, white screen, hung it on our shed using tape,  and pulled it taut.  Then we used a projector and computer and projected the movie up onto the screen.

outdoor movie night

We took out our old couch cushions and set them up for the kids to sit on while watching the movie.  The kids love how comfortable they are and there is at least one for each kid, with a couple extras.

outdoor movie night ideas

We have also used single inflatable floats that we have gotten for cheap online or you could use kids outdoor chairs.  Comfy and blankets is the name of the game!

The next summer, my neighbor bought this unbelievable new inflatable movie screen. 

It is about 14 feet high and was super easy to put it.  You just inflate the screen, stake it down and you are ready to go!  No more trying to make sure the screen is straight and flat.

backyard movie night

It was even a little windy that night and there were no issues with the inflatable screen.

inflatable movie screen

What Do I Need to Have for an Outdoor Movie Night?

After the screen, you will also need a projector. One with wi-fi is best so you can stream your movie outside.

Once you have your screen and projector, you will need seats for the kids.

The more comfy the better! Lots of blankets and cushions are the best!

The last thing you need is obvious – snacks!!  You can start with the standard popcorn.

Sometimes its just a quick microwave version, but a few times we have taken out our popcorn machine.

popcorn machine

The kids think it’s super fun to have the popcorn machine out because it feels like they are really at the movies.

Another fun idea is to do a snack mix. You can either make it for the kids, or lay out some choices and let them make their own!

Some of the snack mix choices we have included are cheddar bunnies, animal crackers, veggie chips and pretzels.  And we usually include one sweet choice like M&Ms or something similar.

And don’t forget the drinks! Juice boxes are usually a favorite among our kids.

An outdoor movie night is the perfect way to end a fun, spring, summer or fall day spent playing outside!   The biggest question is always…what movie should we watch!

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