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Best Outdoor Water Toys for Toddlers

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Water Toys for Outdoors

With summer right around the corner, you may be starting to think about ways to keep your toddler occupied and cool outside. Outdoor water toys are the perfect way to do that!

Playing outside in the water is one of our favorite summer activities. I feel like almost every child loves water. It’s something they don’t get to play with all the time. Plus they can get wet with no consequences – it’s a win win!

Both of my kids love when we pull out the water toys and they have since they were toddlers. It really doesn’t matter what it is – if it involves water, they are in!

If you are looking for some fun outdoor water toys for toddlers, check these out!

Sprinkle and Splash Mat

A splash pad is such a fun water toy. I love it because the kids can run through it or sit and play in it.

The great thing about this one is the sides curve up so even if you shut the water off, it keeps some water in it so the kids can continue to play even with the water off!

Buckets of Fun Backyard Waterpark

This fun backyard waterpark has several different water elements. It will definitely keep the kids busy and wet for a while!

Anchors Away Pirate Ship Water Table

My kids have always loved playing in a water table. There are so many different elements to play with.

Plus if it’s not quite warm enough for a larger water toy, like a splash pad or sprinkler, this is the perfect solution to get a little wet, but not soaked.

Water Blaster Soaker

These fun blasters can be used for shooting at fences or sides of the house!

Play Kitchen Sink

This fun play kitchen sink that uses real water is super fun for outdoor play! It easily incorporates water play with pretend play.

The kids can pretend they are playing restaurant or house. But no doubt the sink will be the highlight of this toy!


My favorite thing about sprinklers is they can be as small and simple or as big as you want! Check out these super fun ones!

Shark Arch Sprinkler

Summer Blossom Sprinkler

Waterpark Arcade

This fun arcade like water game is fun for toddlers to practice their fine motor skills and have fun in the water at the same time!

Car Wash Splash Center

This fun car wash toy is a great way to play in the summer weather and get wet at the same time!

Water play is one of the best ways to keep kids active in the summer and the kids have so much fun doing it!

What is your favorite water play toy or activity?

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