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Mommy-Daughter Bonding Ideas

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When you have a daughter, it can feel like you have a piece of yourself. As a mom, you can relate to them more for some reason.

I always wanted to build a bond with my daughter that would continue to grow over the years. Finding the right ways to do that and things to do can be difficult.

These ideas for mommy-daughter bonding will help you to build that relationship, nurture it and help it grow!

Play a Game Together

This probably seems straightforward, but taking the time to spend one on one with your daughter can help build a better relationship.

You can take the time while playing a game to talk to each other and have fun!

Do Each Other’s Nails

Most little girls love to do nails and have their nails done. I know my daughter is always asking to paint my nails.

You can make a little spa day out of it and do each other’s nails together. It will be so much fun!

Bake Together

Baking together is a great way for moms to bond with their daughters. It is also an opportunity to start to teach them how to cook.

They can learn to follow directions and spend time with you at the same time. Some of our favorites to bake are brownies and cupcakes!

Play Pretend

This idea might skew towards if you have younger daughters, but I know my daughter loves to play pretend. It could be dressing up, or just playing house.

Be a “Mommy” Monster

My kids absolutely love when we play “mommy monster”. The best part of this is the creativity involved. You can play it inside or outside.

You can be a tickle monster, a hug and kiss monster, or try to capture them outside! Usually tons of laughter ensues and there is nothing better than laughing and giggling together.

Laughter is something that can bring everyone together!

Go Shopping

One of the fun things I’ve started doing with my daughter, who is 5, is clothes shopping. She’s starting to love to pick out her own clothes and seeing what she likes and doesn’t.

It’s a great way to see their personalities come out and develop!

Go Out to Lunch

Taking your daughter out to a one on one lunch is guaranteed to make her feel grown up and special.

Have a Tea Party

Having a tea party with your daughter is such a fun and special way to bond together. You can plan some fun snacks and use lemonade or a juice as a special treat for tea.

Then set up some of her favorite stuffed animals or dolls. She can be the hostess and serve everyone. It is sure to be fun for everyone!

Have a Pillow Fight

One of the best ways to bond with your daughter is to laugh together. What is more fun than a pillow fight!

You can use the whole house and hide and surprise each other! The giggles are sure to never stop!

Bonding with your daughter, especially when they are young, is so important. Especially with everyone being so busy. Building a strong relationship is done through spending time together.

How do you bond with your daughter?

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mommy daughter bonding ideas
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