sidewalk chalk ideas for kids

Fun Sidewalk Chalk Ideas

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Best Sidewalk Chalk Ideas

One of my favorite activities to do with the kids outside is to play with sidewalk chalk.    It is something that keeps them occupied for a while and is so easy to use!  Plus there are so many different activities you can do with it.

I know a lot of kids have sidewalk chalk,  but what can you do with it?

These are some of our favorite sidewalk chalk ideas!

Tic Tac Toe

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One of my daughters favorite games is tic tac toe.    So why not play it outside!  It’s a fun game for kids to understand and you can make tic tac toe boards everywhere!

Self Portrait

sidewalk chalk ideas for kids

My kids love this one!  Have your child lay down on the driveway or sidewalk and then trace their body.  You can do it as accurately or loosely as you want.  After you are done comes the fun part!

Have the kids fill in their features after the outline is drawn.   Or they can just put designs in it!  It’s a great chance to let their creative minds flow.

You never know what you can come up with!

Make a Garden

sidewalk chalk activities

I absolutely love this sidewalk chalk idea!  A fun idea is to decorate your driveway is to draw a garden.  My daughter loves to draw flowers so this is a great way to bond together!  We draw out a bunch of flowers, add some grass and sun and there you have a beautiful garden! 


Make an Obstacle Course

sidewalk chalk ideas for kids

A chalk obstacle course is one of the most fun ideas of things to do with sidewalk chalk!  You can  make it as short or long as you want.  

Some of the things you can add in are hopscotch, jumping different directions, or run around circles on the ground.  You can also add in a long jump or crab crawl.  It’s fun to get creative making the obstacle course and then more fun to run it!

Write Messages

This is a good way for kids to send messages to neighbors or friends and practice their writing at the same time!  

Free Draw

Draw anything you want!  This probably seems obvious but one of the best things about sidewalk chalk is that you can draw or play whatever you want!  

What are your favorite things to do with sidewalk chalk?

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