kids nature walk scavenger hunt

Kids Nature Walk Scavenger Hunt (and free printable!)

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Free Nature Scavenger Hunt

When the weather gets nice, I love to have my kids play outside.  The fresh air is great and the freedom to move is amazing! Taking a nature walk is a great way to get outside and having a kids nature walk scavenger hunt adds to the fun!  It is the perfect activity for getting outdoors!

The best thing about a nature walk is that it can be whatever you want to make it.  It can be a walk in your neighborhood, or a walk in the woods.

kids nature walk scavenger hunt printable

It could be a hike up a local mountain, hill or go to a local park.   Really anywhere you can walk outdoors can count as a nature walk.

A nature walk is a great idea for a family outing as well. You could visit some nature trails and work on the scavenger hunt together.

And if you don’t have the time to go somewhere, you could even do this outdoor scavenger hunt in your own backyard.

What is a Scavenger Hunt?

A scavenger hunt is when you make a list of different items for kids, or anyone, to find.  They are generally made around a theme, but they don’t have to be!

Sometimes, I put together a random indoor scavenger hunt for my kids in the house – it keeps them busy for a little while and they love looking around for the items on the list.

How Do You Do a Nature Scavenger Hunt?

Putting together a kids nature scavenger hunt is super easy!   Because there are so many items outside, there is no limit to what you can put on there.  

free printable outdoor scavenger hunt

It is a good idea to start by making a list of items you could find on your nature walk.  When putting together the list, think about whether the kids will collect the items, or just mark them off.

I like to make a printable list of items to check off.  I find it easier to add more items to the list this way.  It also adds more variety that way!

One fun thing to do is to get a little explorer kit with a backpack, binoculars and maybe a little magnifying glass. This can really add to the fun for the kids!

The best part about scavenger hunts is they can be a great thing for older kids or young kids!

If you are short on time, this outdoor nature printable scavenger hunt is a fun way to make your next walk a great time!

Grab your free printable nature scavenger hunt checklist here!  

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Kids Nature Walk Scavenger Hunt Printable

kids nature walk scavenger hunt
nature walk scavenger hunt free printable
kids nature scavenger hunt

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