How to Remove Stains from Clothes

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Have you ever gone to change your baby’s diaper only to discover that there was a poop stain all the way up their back and all over the onesie that you changed just 20 minutes before?

Have you ever taken your toddler out of their high chair only to see a strawberry got smashed and stuck on their shirt creating a huge red stain right in the middle?

Have your kids ever spent the afternoon running around outside and decided to roll around in one of the mud puddles left from last night’s rain shower?

Kids outgrow clothes so quickly that to have them constantly ruined by stains can be frustrating.  I was always trying to figure out how to remove stains from clothes.  

When my daughter was a baby, I stumbled upon Shout Advanced Stain Remover Gel Spray.  This spray is a miracle solution for kids stains!

I first tried it on my daughter’s white onesies after one of many blowouts and to my surprise, when I took the onesie out of the dryer, it was back to the full white color it was originally!  I was shocked!

This was great but as a busy mom, sometimes you can forget or get sidetracked before you can rinse the clothes or get the spray on it.  The best part about the Shout spray is that it doesn’t need to be put on the stain immediately after it happens.  I have put it on days later and it still works. 

I have also pulled out a piece of laundry and while folding it, noticed a stain that I had previously missed.  I put the Shout spray on it and re-washed it and miraculously the stain is gone.  This stuff is a game changer for us Moms!  Here is what my son’s shirt looked like one day after a particularly spirited meal that included strawberries:

This was one of the cases where it sat a couple days before I got the Shout on it and washed it.  This is how it looked after coming out of the dryer:

No more throwing away onesies, no more stains on new clothes! 

What is your tip on how to remove stains from clothes?

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