free weekly meal plan printable

Free Printable Meal Planning Template

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Free Meal Planning Worksheet

Planning meals is something that every mom wants to do, but it isn’t always easy. We are juggling lots of things and by the time you get to the grocery store, you forget everything you wanted to get! This free printable meal planning template will definitely help!

Free weekly meal plan printable

Benefits to Meal Planning

Meal Planning has many benefits – it can help save you time throughout the week and it can also help with your grocery budget.

By planning meals and looking at what you may already have, you can save money at the grocery store.

You can start using the free meal planning worksheet to help plan out your breakfast, lunch and dinner for each day of the week.

It also includes a notes section where you can put in any sales the grocery store for the week. It is also a great way to come up with some ideas on what to have for meals that week.

Once you plan out your meals, you can put your grocery list together and your meal plan is complete!

Now every day of the week, you can just look at your plan, and see what the meals are for the day. It makes it much easier to get meals on the table, even when you are busy.

How Do I Plan Meals for the Week?

Planning meals for a whole week can seem daunting the first time you do it. But if you do it week after week, it gets much easier!

Start by knowing what you have in the house and plan to use those in meals. That way you are using the groceries you have already bought.

It is also helpful to keep a list of your go to meals. Then when you can’t come up with a different idea, you have an easy one up your sleeve.

Also look at the weekly grocery flyer that comes out. Check out what is on sale. That may give you some ideas for what meals to plan for the week.

Tips for Using the Weekly Meal Template

I like to write down any events I have during the week before planning meals.

That helps determine if I need something quick one night or if using my crockpot is a good option so dinner is ready when we get home.

I also like to write down the weather. It can obviously change in a week, but it’s good to get an idea so you don’t plan on using the oven if it’s going to be hot and humid or don’t plan dinner on the grill when there is rain in the forecast.

Are you ready to take your meal planning to the next level? Grab this free weekly meal planning template now!

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free weekly meal plan printable

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