An Airplane First Birthday Party

An Airplane First Birthday Party

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My son, Gage, turned one last week.  I can’t believe how fast a year went by!  It seems like just yesterday we were anxiously awaiting his arrival and now, my little baby was now an almost walking one year old!  Where did the time go?

For his first birthday party, we decided on the theme airplanes.  My husband loves planes and we thought it would be cute for a first birthday party.  We decided to go pretty easy for the party since I tend to go out all out sometimes!  We had pizza, some appetizers and cake.

One of the fun snacks that we made for the kids, which they went absolutely crazy over were chocolate covered pretzel rods!  They love to just grab them and have the pretzels on the go.  They are a super fun treat for the kids at the party and they really aren’t much work at all.

I started by taking meltable chocolates and putting them in a microwavable a bowl.  We used red and blue chocolates since those were in line with our theme.

The next step is to melt the chocolate by heating it in the microwave at 1 min increments at 50%, stirring the chocolate after each minute.  The time depends on your microwave but ours took 3-4 minutes to be melted enough for cover the pretzels.  Now that the chocolate is melted, you can put the pretzel rod in and use a spoon to cover it 3/4 of the way with chocolate.

After the pretzel is covered in chocolate, you just place on a piece of wax paper.  After we put them on the wax paper, we like to decorate them with different colored sprinkles.  They easily dry within a half hour and you can store them in a zip lock bag or tupperware container until you are ready to serve at the party.

The other fun thing we did was put together the favor bags.  Peyton was my helper in putting them together and we took the theme of In Flight Snacks and gave all our little guests a bag of fun goodies.  I got these Amazon stickers  to put on the bags to thank people for coming.

We put some Organic Annie’s Cheddar bunnies, various Organic Annie’s bunnie crackers, a couple mini Hersey bars and a box of yogurt covered raisins.

So often the kids go to birthday parties and end up coming home with a big bag of candy, I used my theme of the In Flight Snacks to give the kids something slightly healthier, yet still fun.

We ended up pushing the party back a day due to the weather, which was the perfect idea!  We had a fantastic day celebrating Gage’s first birthday!!


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