5 Ways Kids Can Help with Thanksgiving Dinner

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If your kids are anything like my daughter, they want to help with everything!  No matter what I’m doing, my daughter doesn’t care, she just wants to help. Even though a lot of times it’s only for a few minutes.  Letting the kids help with Thanksgiving dinner is no different! Here are some great ways to let them help with the big meal:

Help with Appetizers

If you are anything like my family, we love our appetizers before the main Thanksgiving Dinner.  Two of our staples are usually a cheese and cracker platter and veggies and dip. Little hands could definitely help put either one of those together!  If you give them the cheese or veggies all cut up, with a little direction, they could easily put together the platters for you. And I know my daughter is always so proud when she helps me with this!  This is an easy way for kids to help!

Set the Table

Sometimes setting the table ends up being the last thing you are rushing to do as the turkey is done and you are trying to get all the sides finished.  Even though I wouldn’t necessarily trust the kids with plates (depending on their age!) or knives, they could easily put the forks and spoons on the table.  They could also try their hand at folding the napkins and putting them at everyone’s place. Think about how proud they will be when everyone comments on the nice napkins!

Help with Dessert

Depending on what your plans are for dessert, there could be some small things that the kids can help with.  Maybe mixing some things together or pouring ingredients into the bowl. They could also help with decorating cookies, cakes or pies if those are on your menu.

Another great way to help with dessert is to take people’s orders if you are handing out desserts.  Kids love being little servers!

Help with Cold Sides

Everyone has cold sides too at Thanksgiving right?   My family loves to have things like olives and pickles with our dinner and celery with cream cheese.  The olive and pickle tray is definitely something I have had my daughter help me with before – she can easily put them into the section of the platter.

Announce Dinner is Ready!

Is there anything cuter than a little kid running in and telling everyone – Thanksgiving dinner is ready!!  The kids love announcing to everyone else that it’s time to eat. My daughter also likes to tell people where to sit – but that could be too far for some people!

How do you let your kids help with Thanksgiving Dinner?

Ways Kids Can Help with Thanksgiving

kids help with thanksgiving


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7 thoughts on “5 Ways Kids Can Help with Thanksgiving Dinner”

  1. Your little family is SO CUTE! I love these ideas for kids, it’s so important to implement “work” early on in life, and this is a fun, easy way for them to get involved! Great post girl! xoxo

    1. Thank you so much! My little girl loves to help me clean (in small doses!) so I try to let her so that she wants to continue to do it!

  2. These are such great ideas! My kids are at that age where they want to help in the kitchen all.the.time. I love the idea of setting the table and announcing that dinner is ready!! And also telling people where to sit, lol. My girls LOVE telling people what to do I know they’d love this job!

    1. My daughter loves to tell people what to do for – especially where to sit – then she tells someone if they sit in the wrong seat too!

  3. My toddler is fond of my kitchen tools, it can be messy and a headache at times but I find this as good early learning to chores. Will just have to keep them safe always. Great tips!

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