Easter Activities for Kids

Fun Easter Activities for Kids

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Easter is a great holiday for kids! There are so many different, fun things that you can do with the kids. Seeing the excitement on their faces are what memories are made!

Easter Activities for Kids

Looking for some fun Easter activities to try out with the kids? Check out these!

Fun Easter Activity #1: Have an Easter Egg Hunt

Is there anything kids love even more than prizes or treats? What about being able to run around and search for them?

Easter activities for kids

We have been having an Easter egg hunt with our neighbors for three, going on four years now. Us moms get together a night or two before and put together all the eggs.

We usually use just the plastic eggs, which we try to keep year to year, and stuff them with both candy and non-candy options. Some of the things that we’ve done in the past are: Mini Reese’s Eggs, Mini Easter Rice Crispy Treats, Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies, Easter stickers, small bubbles, and small cars.

We put the Dads in charge of hiding all the eggs, line the kids up and then let them loose in the backyard! It is so fun watching them all search. We started with three older kids and will be adding three more into the mix this year – I can’t wait for the chaos and fun!

Fun Easter Activity #2: Bake Easter Treats

There are so many different fun Easter treats to bake. One of my favorites is Easter cookies. I love to buy easy sugar cookies that you can literally just break apart and bake in the oven and then get a bunch of cookie decorating things such as frosting and different kinds of sprinkles.

Another that we like to make are ice cream cups – you can take a break and bake cookie and bake it on the bottom side of a mini cupcake pan. They then make little cups. Once cooled, you put a scoop of ice cream in and add some jimmies. Then put in the freezer until it’s time to serve! These are super fun and easy!

Fun Easter Activity #3: Have a Scavenger Hunt

Easter Activities for Kids

Similar to an Easter egg hunt, but not with as much chaos, an Easter scavenger hunt can be such a great time! Add some fun Easter items to a checklist and run the scavenger hunt! My daughter absolutely loves any kind of scavenger hunt and it’s a perfect activity to keep the kids busy!

Need some help with a scavenger hunt? Sign up below for a FREE Easter Scavenger Hunt!

Fun Easter Activity #4: Have a Bunny Race

Do your kids like to have races as much as mine? This is a fun spin on a regular race. Line the kids up in one spot, pick a finish line, and the kids have to hop, just like a bunny, to the finish line!!

I love this because no matter how fast you are running, you have a chance to win!

Fun Easter Activity #5: Coloring Easter Eggs

I know this is almost an Easter must do activity, but what I love about it is you can do it so many different ways.

There is the traditional way – Buy an egg coloring kit, boil the eggs, and drop them in the paints. Sometimes you can add some stickers too!

Easter activities for kids

Another fun way, that doesn’t involve real eggs, is to get some wooden eggs. Then you can have some paint, markers, stickers and glitter glue and let the kids go to town decorating! This way may not make much less of a mess than the traditional way, but the kids can be more involved in the decorating since you don’t have to worry about the paint splashing everywhere and handling real eggs.

Another way would be to get some foam eggs and decorations. This is a great way to let the kids imaginations flow and really get creative with decorating eggs!

What is your favorite Easter activity?

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Easter Activities for Kids
easter activities for kids

15 thoughts on “Fun Easter Activities for Kids”

  1. My daughter has a birthday coming up and we are having an Easter themed party next week. I’ve been stressed about what activities to do but I love these ideas! Thank you

  2. Such great tips! Now that my son is a year and a half, I feel like I can start with a couple of these – like the egg hunt and the egg coloring – and I am so excited to start making memories!

    1. I felt the same way with my daughter – I always saw such fun activities and couldn’t wait until she was old enough to start doing them!

  3. For several weeks after Easter, my son insists on me hiding the Easter eggs over and over again around our house. He loves searching for them. I put one Goldfish cracker in each because the process was repeated so often. Great tips!

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