What is a Santa Cam?

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Santa Camera Ornaments

With Christmas coming up quick, it is that time of year again – the one where your social media feeds are filled with tons of Elf on the Shelf pictures trying to promote good behavior among small children.

Elf hanging upside down, the Elf getting trouble and the Elf bringing special gifts. Who came up with this horrible idea?!


But it’s SO.  MUCH.  WORK.  Thinking of different things for your Elf to do for 25+ days and remembering to move it around every night before bed!

There is an easier alternative out there this holiday season to the Elf on the Shelf, and that is the Santa Cam! It is really such a great idea!

What is a Santa Cam?

The Santa Cam looks just like a Christmas ornament.  The only difference is that it has what looks like a little camera lens sticking out of the front of the ornament.

You can hang it on your Christmas tree amongst the other Christmas ornaments. Or you could also hang it as a decoration on your wall where it looks like it is viewing everything around it.  

The story behind it for the kids is that this ornament is Santa’s video camera that feeds right to the North Pole and Santa’s watching everything that is going on in the house. 

This is a magical way to help kids stay on their best behavior. And also ensure that they are on the nice list for Santa Claus.

The only thing is, how do your kids know and understand what this does?  It really just looks like another ornament on the tree!

One way is to just discuss it with your children and they may believe it or not.

Another great way to get in the Christmas spirit is to have a Santa Cam letter delivered from Santa explaining what the Santa Cam is and why the kids should be good.

Need some help with a letter? Check them out here!

The Santa Cam is a personal favorite of mine and I hope that it brings some holiday magic this Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

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