How to Soothe Your Baby with Songs & Lullabies

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It can be so overwhelming when your baby is fussy and doesn’t want to stop crying.  Or even when they are a little older and giving you a hard time getting them dressed or changing their diapers.  A great way to distract them is to sing them songs or lullabies.

When I was pregnant with my daughter, Peyton, I looked forward to the days of rocking her in our rocking chair or in my arms and singing her songs and lullabies.  I’d sit in her nursery and daydream about it.  In those daydreams, Peyton was never crying as I was trying to calm her down.  Not much gets you ready for that!

One of the things that worked the best in calming her down was music.  I would rock and sing to her.  Some of my favorite songs are:

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star – I now sing this one every night to my son when putting him to bed

Rock a Bye Baby – This one too 🙂

I’m a Little Teapot – I had completely forgot about this one, but now my son LOVES it!!

Itsy, Bitsy Spider – giving little tickles with this one will have your little one giggling like crazy! Both of my kids love this!

There is nothing like singing to your children and seeing their positive reaction – my son Gage calms right down when I sing to him and usually has a HUGE grin!

When you are trying to get baby to sleep in their crib, without you being in the room, the Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother is the perfect way to keep the calming music one.  Both Peyton and Gage loved the songs this soother played and loved the lights on it too.  It would even keep them busy when they first woke up in their crib.

The last way was a serious lifesaver in the car.  You can only sing so much while in the car, especially when you have a 3 year old talking over you!  One of our favorite baby presents was the on the go baby sound machine.  It easily hooks onto the car seat and plays a variety of different sounds and music.  It would help to soothe both kids into a nice nap making for a much easier car ride!

While nothing completely replaces singing to your kids, sometimes we all need a little help!

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  1. I love to cycle through my favorite songs from childhood! It is wonderful when you see your baby start to respond to different songs, and you know she has a favorite! Good idea with the nightlight – it looks like it would work well.

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