how to make a new mom survival kit

DIY New Mom Survival Kit

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How to Make a New Mom Survival Kit

When a new baby is born, everyone is so excited to meet the new bundle of joy.  There are tons and tons of gifts for the baby – diapers, new outfits, keepsakes.  But what about the new mom?  

She just went through a lot to have that baby.  There are likely some things she will need that she doesn’t know about and some helpful items to make a new mom feel better.  Enter the DIY new mom survival kit!

A DIY new mom survival kit is the perfect gift for either a thoughtful baby shower gift for mom or right after the baby is born.

What Should I Put in My New Mom Survival Kit?

The best thing about a new mom survival kit is that there is no wrong answer on how to make it. If you are a mom yourself, include some things that a brand new mom may not think of.

In my DIY new mom survival kit, I like to include baby items that a new mom may not know about or know that they are needed.  I also like to include some items for mom that she will likely need in the first month or so after giving birth.

Here are the items that are great to be included in a new mommy survival kit:

Boogie Wipes:  This was an item I was fully unaware of when I first became a mom.  These wipes are great when babies have runny noses. The saline in the wipes actually pulls out additional “boogies” and helps clear the babies nose.  They are amazing and every new mom should have them!

Shout Spray:  I discovered this when I first became a mom and was sick of throwing away all the onesies my daughter had explosive bowel movements in or spit up all over.  A few sprays of this shout spray and all the stains were gone! It was a miracle!

Triple Paste:  The best diaper cream around!  My daughter had the worst diaper rash and this was the only thing that worked.  

Aquafor:  I was not very familiar with this before I had kids, but it can literally be used for so many things!  If your baby has eczema, it can be used on that. If there is a diaper rash, put this under the cream to make it stay better.  It’s a must have as a new mom!

Notebook and Pens:  I know there are tons of apps out there for this now, but a pen and notebook work great for keeping track of baby’s diapers and feedings.  

Comfy PJ pants:  For the first few weeks, a new mom is recovering from either a C-section or having a baby naturally.  A comfy pair of pajama pants is a must!

Coffee & Coffee Mug:  Everyone knows a new baby sleeps when it wants.  And it’s usually only for short stretches. A new mom needs all the coffee!  Why not start her out right by getting her a nice new mug and some coffee to have handy!

Lotion:  One thing you don’t realize when you have a baby is how many times you will be washing your hands.  Every time you change your baby’s diaper or they spit up on you, you wash your hands.

This dries your hands out like crazy, especially if it’s winter time!  The lotion is super helpful to keep by the sink. You just put it on after you wash your hands.

Plastic Cup with a Straw:   When you have a newborn and are so tired, you are likely forgetting that you need to hydrate.  For some reason, I always drink more water through a straw. Giving a new mom a cup with a plastic straw makes it easy to fill it up and keep it nearby.  

Now that you have all the items, the next question is – how to make a new mom survival kit?   

That is the fun part!  You can do it however you want.  Grab a nice basket and arrange the items in it.  Or you could get a nice bag and put everything inside.  It’s really up to you – anything that would help a mom out is perfect!

A new mom survival kit is the perfect gift for a new mom or mom-to-be.  And now you can put one together yourself!

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New Mommy Survival Kit

diy new mom survival kit
how to make a new mom survival kit

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