shamrock painting kids craft

Kids Shamrock Painting Craft

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Shamrock Painting Kids Craft

St. Patrick’s Day is usually thought of as more of an adult holiday.  But there are always fun crafts for kids to do on any occasion! This fun shamrock painting kids craft is the perfect way to include kids in the St. Patrick’s Day holiday.

Shamrocks are symbolic of St. Patrick’s Day and all things Irish.  Most kids know what they look like so it’s easy for them to envision making this shamrock painting.  

My daughter, who is 5, had a great time putting together this shamrock painting.  It is a great St. Patrick’s day craft to do together. She loved doing something together and being able to be creative. 

The Supplies You Will Need:

Replacement sponges

Green paint – it’s fun to have different shades

White Paper


Paper Plate for the paint

kids shamrock painting craft

Step #1:  Take the replacement sponges and take off the plastic on the back.  It’s important to be careful not to rip the sponge. That way the shamrock leaves will be full.

st. patricks day shamrock craft

Step #2:  Decide which shades of green you want to use. 

I think it’s kind of fun to use two different shades.

Pour them on a paper plate. You will need a good amount in order to make a full shamrock.

St. Patrick's Day Painting Craft

Step #3:  Dip the sponge in the paint that you want and lay it on your white piece of paper.  You can make the shamrock two different ways.

kids shamrock craft

The first way is to put two of the oval shapes together for each leaf of the shamrock.  That will create an image like this:

shamrock painting

The second way is to do just one for each leaf.  That will look like this:

St. Patrick's Day kids craft

Step #4:  Once you finish the leaves, use the paintbrush to paint in a stem for the shamrock.

shamrock kids craft

Then you have a fun shamrock!  

What I love most about this shamrock painting is that it allows kids to be creative. 

They can create the shamrock different ways and with different colors. It is the perfect way to help celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!

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Shamrock Painting

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shamrock painting kids craft
shamrock painting kids craft

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