what should be in a toddler's bedroom

What Should Be in a Toddler’s Bedroom

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Things for Your Toddler’s Bedroom

When you are setting up your toddler’s bedroom, there are certain must haves that every toddler’s room needs. When a child becomes a toddler, it’s the first time that they realize that their room is their own space . Making it special and functional for them is so important!

What should be in a toddler bedroom?

Low Bed or Bed with Rails

First, when a child enters their toddler years , they have likely transitioned from a crib to a toddler or regular bed. It is important to have a bed that is low to the ground, one with side rails or even a floor bed. The important thing is that it is safe for your toddler so that they don’t roll out and hit the floor hard.

Storage for Toys

As you are setting up your child’s room, it’s a good idea to have some toys in their room for them to play with. But you don’t want chaos in there either. Finding some storage space for their toys keeps their room in good shape. They can also easily find their toys if they are in their own place.


Keeping books in your toddler’s bedroom encourages them to interact with books. A great way to do this is to take a corner of the room and make a little reading nook. You could include a cute, comfortable chair that they could sit in while they are looking through their books.

Night Light

Toddlers can still be scared of the dark, especially in the middle of the night. Getting them a fun night light and incorporating putting it on as part of their bedtime routine makes them feel safe during the night. This will also help them to get a good night’s sleep.

My son has a moon that lights up in different stages. He won’t fall asleep without it on every night! It provides just the right amount of light for him.

Small Desk with Chair

A fun idea is to put a small desk with a chair in their room so that they have a place to play or color. Another great option would be to include a small table if your kids bedroom has plenty of space.

Toddler Proofing the Bedroom

With new things being included in your child’s bedroom and them having more freedom, it is important to keep them safe. Make sure that you have taken the appropriate precautions to toddler proof the bedroom.

Play Space

Creating a play area , no matter how big, in your child’s room will help them to feel comfortable in their space. It will also encourage them to play in their room. An easy way to create a play space is to set up an area rug in the center of the room. This is the perfect place for kids to play. But if their bedroom is a small space , you can easily make a little corner into their own personal play space.

Comfy Place to Sit on the Floor

This goes along with books and the play space. You could add a plush rug to sit on or a small, comfortable rocking chair. Another great idea would be bean bags chair.

Clothes Storage

Every kid’s room needs somewhere to store their clothes! If you need a new piece of furniture , an excellent choice is a small dresser. It will be harder for a young child to move or pull over on themselves. Plus, it would be the right size for easy access to kids clothes so they could get them themselves once they are a little older.

No matter what you decide should be in your toddler’s bedroom, as long as you make it feel like their very own bedroom , they will love it!

What do you think should be included in a toddler’s bedroom?

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  1. Excellent share, Stephanie! You have covered all the essentials that a toddler’s bedroom should have. I would say incorporating pattern and texture also helps design a better toddler’s bedroom.

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