printable halloween candy scavenger hunt

Halloween Candy Scavenger Hunt (Free Printable!)

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Fun Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Everyone knows that the big draw of Halloween for kids is being able to go trick or treating and get candy. A fun activity to introduce into your Halloween night tradition to make it even more fun is a Halloween candy scavenger hunt.

This type of scavenger hunt is good for kids of all ages. And there are so many fun ideas as to how you can use it!

One way would be to make it a Halloween candy hunt that you do before going out trick or treating. The kids have a list of candy and need to find all the types of candy on the list. You could even make clue cards, or make it more like a Halloween treasure hunt where you give the first clue and each one leads to the next clue.

Another great idea is to use it after you are done trick or treating. Older kids and younger kids love to look through their Halloween treats once you get home. The kids can use the Halloween candy scavenger hunt to see who got the most types of candy on the list. You could even add in a little grand prize for whoever was able to check off the most types of candy.

One final idea is if Halloween night is too crazy, you could use it for a Halloween party. You could put the candy in fun hiding places, give the kids the printable scavenger hunt and they try to find all of the candy! If you wanted to make it more spooky, you could give the kids glow sticks to help them find the candy!

However you decide to use it, a Halloween candy scavenger hunt can be so much fun!

Grab your free printable here!

Happy Halloween!

halloween candy scavenger hunt printable

Free Printable Halloween Scavenger Hunt

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