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Tips to Toddler Proofing a Bedroom

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Childproofing a Toddler’s Bedroom

Everyone talks about needing to baby proof things once your child starts to be on the move, but toddler proofing can be just as important – especially child proofing a toddler’s bedroom!

When your child becomes a toddler, it is likely that they are either starting to climb out of their crib or have started the transition to a bed.  This creates some new challenges when it comes to their bedrooms.

A toddler gets a new found sense of freedom in their room when they start sleeping in a bed.  They are no long confined by the sides of the crib. They can start to move freely around their room, whether you are there or not.

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My daughter started climbing out of her crib when she was 18 months old.  It didn’t seem possible that she was already getting out and I needed to be worried about if she was safe when she did escape.   I knew it was time to toddler proof her bedroom.

When this time comes, it’s important to look at what you have in your toddler’s bedroom.  It is time to take this inventory to understand what could pose potential danger to your toddler should you not be in the immediate vicinity.

Figuring out how to toddler proof their bedroom can be tricky.  Toddlers are curious and mischievous. They can get into things that you may not have thought about.  They often have no fear as well.

My daughter started climbing out her crib at 18 months. Once that happened, it was time to get a toddler bed.

With this new freedom, we had to look around her room and figure out what safety precautions we needed to make.  I had to make sure that if she got up while we were sleeping, she would be safe.

Are you at this stage with your child?  Here are some tips and important things to help you to make sure that your toddler’s bedroom is safe!

Anchor the Furniture

It may seem crazy that a large piece of heavy furniture could be harm to your child.   In actuality, it is probably one of the most important parts of child proofing their bedroom.

Even though it sounds like it would be impossible for such a small person to move such large pieces of furniture, it can happen much easier than you think.  

I have climbers.  Both of my kids love to climb things.  It doesn’t matter whether they were supposed to or not.  

The danger is while they are trying to climb something, particularly a piece of furniture that is tall. They could lean back with all their weight and the furniture could come down on top of them.  They could get seriously injured or stuck under there before anyone knows what happened.

For this reason, one of the first child proofing steps you should take in your toddler’s bedroom is to anchor the furniture using safety straps.  You can easily purchase anchors and anchor it to the wall.

how to anchor kid's furniture

Important pieces of furniture to do this with are bureaus, bookcases and anything else that potentially fall on a child.  

Remove Small Objects

With the freedom of being able to get in and out of their beds, that means that toddlers will likely get up and play in their rooms too.  

A lot of time at that age kids start to not put as many things in their mouths but it’s not guaranteed that they won’t.  Since they may be playing alone and unsupervised, it’s important to make sure there are no small objects in the room that could be a choking hazard.

Any small objects could lead to choking and there’s a potential that you may not hear it.  It’s better to keep those small toys separate, in a space out of the child’s reach, where they can’t get to them without your supervision.

Have At Least One Baby Gate

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Having baby gates as part of your toddler proofing plans provides two purposes.  The first is it keeps your child safe and contained to the child’s room if they decide to get up before you do.  The other is that it keeps them from wandering the house alone and getting into more trouble!

All of our bedrooms are upstairs at our house so we have a safety gate across the top of the stairs.  This way our son can’t get downstairs and into anything he shouldn’t without our knowledge.  Or even accidentally tumble to the bottom of the stairs.

Another good place to put a gate is in front of the bedroom door.  This works good if bedrooms are on different floors or if you are all on the same level. 

In our case, it also helps to keep our toddler out of the upstairs bathroom and getting into mischief or hurting himself.

One thing to keep in mind is if you do put up a gate or door handle cover to help keep your child contained, it is a good idea to have a camera and monitor

This way you can keep an eye on them and hear them if they are calling out to you. It is also a great way to peek in on them but not disturb them if they are sleeping or playing quietly.

Have the Electrical Outlets Covered

Even though a toddler is a little older, they likely do not grasp not touching an outlet with their little fingers.  It’s a small thing, but the last thing you would want is to have them get hurt from something so simple to fix.

Any outlet that does not have something plugged in should have an outlet cover. 

If you have an outlet with two things plugged in, you can buy a cover that covers the entire outlet.  Then kids can’t pull plugs out and potentially get hurt that way.

Secure Those Windows

Windows can be fascinating to toddlers as they can see everything outside, especially if their bedroom is on the second floor.

A curious child will love to look out open windows and it’s important that they are secure so that they cannot fall out.

Putting in window guards is the best solution to do that. This helps to make sure that a child cannot climb or fall out the window.

Tie Up Blind Cords

If your child’s room has window blinds, your child’s safety could be at risk. Blind cords can be something that kids like to play with.

They can easily get tangled around their necks and choke them. The best way to make this safer is to tuck the cords up the top of the window out of the child’s reach.

Secure Changing Table Items

If you have a changing table in your child’s bedroom, you will want to make sure to secure any diaper creams or ointments you might use.

Small children are so curious they may get into it and try to eat it or get it in their eyes.

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Childproofing a bedroom can be difficult.  But when your toddler gains that little bit of freedom that comes with a no longer being in a crib, it is an important step to keep your kids safe!

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