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How to Stop Siblings from Fighting

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How to Stop Fighting Between Siblings

As a mom, it is difficult when you see your kids fight.  You know they love each other (although some days you may not be so sure!)  But that fighting gets to your last nerve!

When my son and daughter fight, it’s so hard to keep my cool.  I can’t stand seeing them fight.  It ruins any good vibes we may be having that day.    Or worse, it ruins an outing we are on and we have to make a quick exit.  I know it’s happened to everyone, but it doesn’t make it any easier or less embarrassing.

Is it normal for siblings to fight all the time?   

While I would say not ALL the time, it is normal for them to fight.  Kids have differences of opinion all the time.  There are also other reasons for them to be short on temper:  could be their age, it could be their lack of sleep or could just be they are being difficult.

If there are age differences too, that can lead to fights between siblings.  An older sibling may not want their younger sibling hanging around with them or their friends.  This is normal behavior, even though it can be frustrating!

So how can you stop siblings from fighting?  

You may not be able to stop it completely, but there are ways to diffuse it and get through it easier.

Separate and Take Some Time

One of the best ways to stop siblings from fighting is to separate them and give them each some time to cool down.  

When in the moment, kids’ emotions can take over and there is no rationalizing with them.    No amount of talking is going to stop the fighting.

So start with the sibling who is least upset, and ask them to step away and take some time for themselves.  The best is if they can go into a different room.  Then they are out of sight of their sibling and that can help to calm both siblings down.

Taking the time apart gives each kid a chance to get their emotions back in check.  It can be tough because you can’t be with each child to help them calm down, but the best course of action is to focus first on the child that is most upset.  

Change the Subject

A lot of times when siblings are fighting, it is over something – a toy, a game, a drink, what TV show to watch.  

A good way to stop the fighting is to change the subject of the fight.  If the kids are fighting over blocks, try to bring their attention to something else.     

If the focus is taken off what they are fighting about, it is likely that they will calm down and the fight will be over.  This can be easier said than done.   But keep trying to shift their focus – if they forget why they are fighting, it will stop!

Provide an Alternative

This is similar to changing the subject, but instead of shifting their focus, it is giving the child an alternative to what they are fighting about.  

For example, if they are fighting over a certain color crayon, give them an alternative and show them how it to use it.  Change their focus from what they are fighting over, to an alternative and you.  

It is so tough not to lose your cool when dealing with siblings fighting.  They can seem to happen all the time and can be super frustrating.    Hopefully these tips will help!

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Sibling Fighting Solutions

how to stop siblings from fighting
how to stop siblings from fighting

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