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11 Father’s Day Questions for Kids

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Father’s Day Questionnaire

Father’s Day is a special day to show all the dads in your life and your child’s life how much they mean to you.  Dads have a special bond with their children. 

I love to find a fun and special way to show my husband how much the kids love him.  A fun way to do that is through a Father’s Day questionnaire.  

A Father’s Day questionnaire has questions that you ask your child and fill in the answers.  Then you share it with Dad on Father’s Day.  

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These are fun for a few reasons – depending on the age of the kids, the answers can be downright funny, and especially sweet.  They are a great range so you get a little bit of both. 

I did this same list of questions with my kids for my husband a couple years ago. He loved seeing their answers and how different and similar they were!

And the kids loved answering the questions – they thought it was so cool to think of these things about their dad.

The younger the kids, the more funny the answers since they may not completely understand the questions.  But that’s what makes it fun!  

And a great idea is to make the same Father’s Day questionnaire a tradition with you kids.  This is a special way for Dad to see the answers as their children grow.  It can be fun to see how the answers change and how different things matter to your children year after year.

If you are looking for the perfect questions to ask your children for a fun Father’s Day gift, grab your free printable Father’s Day questionnaire pdf here.  Have a great time filling this out with your children!  I’m sure it will bring great laughs and smiles!

Plus giving their father something special is the perfect gift on Father’s Day.  

Grab your free printable Father’s Day questionnaire here!

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father's day questions for kids
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