Fun Fall Family Activities

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Outdoor Fall Activities

Fall is a great season to find things to do as a family. For some reason, the options for fun fall family activities seem endless!

How Do You Make the Most of Fall?

A great way to make the most of the fall season is to find activities to do with your family.

The fall has the most beautiful weather – part summer, part winter with warm days and cool nights. Enjoying these days together as a family can create lifelong memories.

There are definitely certain activities that are favorites for our family. I really love the traditional activities that are things I did with my parents when I was little.

There are so many fun ideas to choose from!  Here’s some fun activities for families that we are planning to do this fall!

Apple Picking

fall family activities

I grew up in a town where there were tons of apple orchards – we took it for granted that they were there and we could get fresh apples and apple goodies whenever we wanted.

Now that we have kids, it’s so fun to watch them run through the orchards, looking for apples and eating them (just a couple!)

Pumpkin Picking and Carving

fun fall family activities

The kids love to visit a pumpkin patch and pick out their own pumpkins.  When my daughter was younger, she was sitting on the pumpkins because they were so much bigger than her!

We love taking the pumpkins and carving them! Peyton loves to dig her hands in all of the goop and use the scraper to clean it out.

Play in the Leaves

You know those piles of leaves that moms and dads work so hard to rake together?  Sometimes you just have to let the kids have fun and play in those leaves! 

For some reason, they can’t resist and seeing how much fun it is, brings a smile to my face.  Plus – you know that by tomorrow there will be way more leaves on the ground to rake anyway!

Bake a Fall Treat

fun activities for families

My daughter Peyton loves to help me bake – cookies, brownies, anything!  Once the fall comes, we especially love to bake fun treats like pumpkin cupcakes and apple crisp!  There is nothing that smells as good in the kitchen as something baking in the oven while the air is getting cool outside!

Color Leaves

We just started this last year once Peyton was old enough to really get it, but it is so fun to collect different kinds of leaves and do this activity.

Once you collect the leaves, put one under a piece of plain white paper and use a fun, fall color to rub over the paper and make the shape of the leaf.  It is a super fun kids craft!

Do a Fall Scavenger Hunt

What kid doesn’t like a scavenger hunt?  I love doing one that is fall themed where they can find certain color leaves, pinecones and other things that are specific to fall. I love these printables!

Take a Nature Walk or Hike

There is nothing like going for a walk through the woods during the fall.  You can take in the changing colors of the leaves and its the perfect weather to hike, have some lunch and take in the views.

Another fun idea is to do the scavenger hunt and nature walk at the same time!  A nature walk scavenger hunt can be a great way to spend the day together.

Check out a Haunted/Halloween House

When the weather turns cooler and fall is in full swing, there are also thoughts of Halloween.  Around us, there are so many fun Haunted or not-so-haunted houses for the young kids to attend.  We did one last year that Peyton loved and we  have plans to do at least one this year!

Visit a Fair

We love going to fairs, especially in the fall!  I love getting hot apple cider while walking around looking around at the farm animals.

Go Through a Corn Maze

fall family activities

A corn maze is fun, but can also be a little scary! With no exit in sight some of the time, it’s challenging to get through. It’s also super fun to do as a family!

Have a Campfire and Make S’mores

With the cool nights of fall, it is the perfect time to have a campfire. You can still bundle up in warm sweatshirts and have the warmth of the fire.

We started having campfires with our kids this past fall and it was a big hit! So much so that they ask almost every night if we can have one! But their favorite part – making s’mores!

S’mores are such a fun treat to have while enjoying a fire outside. The kids will love it! They even sell little kits to make it super easy!

What is your must do fall family activity?

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  1. Great fall ideas! I like the look of your blog and the way the featured image slid up into view. My boys are grown, but maybe I’ll have a chance to try these activities with grandkids one day. 😀

  2. These all look super fun! They remind me of the kinds of activities we did when I was a kid. 🙂

    Kasey Ma

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