easter basket ideas for 2 year olds

Best Easter Basket Ideas for 2 Year Olds

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Toddler Easter Basket Fillers

Little kids love Easter – mostly because to them, it means a visit from the Easter bunny. They can’t wait under Easter morning until they can see what was left in their Easter basket.

It doesn’t matter how old the kids are – they still get excited about Easter baskets. It makes it such a fun holiday for them! The best part is seeing their faces on Easter day when they are looking through all of the new goodies that came in their Easter basket.

There are a couple different ways to do Easter baskets. The Easter bunny can bring their own basket for each kid with all of their Easter treats. Or you can have a special Easter basket for each kid that you use year after year. Then you leave it out the night before and the Easter bunny fills it up. This is what we do – then we don’t have to worry about finding a new basket each year. Ours are different colors for each child and have their names on them.

My little girl loves seeing if the Easter bunny leaves her a little note (which he usually does!) with her basket. It’s a great way to make them feel special on Easter morning. She also loves picking through her little brother’s basket too to see if there is anything she would like.

Finding the perfect additions to an Easter basket for 2 year old toddlers can be a challenge – you don’t want anything too babyish but nothing too old either! What will they use and enjoy? Anything for outdoor play is usually a big hit!

If you need some great gift ideas, these Easter basket stuffers for 2 year olds are the perfect Easter gifts to include in a toddler’s Easter basket!

Sidewalk Chalk

Easter Books

Jelly Beans

Easter Theme Coloring Book

Bubble Machine

Sippy Cups

Easter Activity Books

Chocolate Bunnies

Melissa & Doug Water Wow Books

Small Lego Sets

Wooden Puzzles

An Adorable Stuffed Bunny

Bubble Wands

Toys for Bath Time

Sandra Boynton Board Book

Mess Free Markers

Matching Egg Shapes


Wooden Dress Up Dolls



Gardening Set

Rain Boots

Hair Bows

Finger Puppets


Toy Cars

Magnetic Letters


Items for Imaginative Play – such as superhero masks and capes, or dress up items

Figures of their favorite characters

Fruit Snacks

In addition to the kids’ Easter baskets, hiding plastic eggs for classic Easter egg hunts are so much fun! Finding Easter eggs just adds another element of excitement to the holiday! It’s also a great way to get outside, or let out some of that excited energy the kids are definitely going to have that day.

If you need some ideas, these Easter egg stuffers are a great help and this Easter egg scavenger hunt is great for kids of all ages!

Hopefully these favorite Easter basket ideas will be a big hit for your holiday!

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Best Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers

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