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60+ Easter Egg Stuffer Ideas (That Aren’t Candy!)

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Easter Egg Filler Ideas

One of the most fun activities for Easter is an Easter egg hunt. Kids of all ages look forward to running around the yard or the house to find the most plastic Easter eggs.

The best part about an Easter egg hunt is it can be set up by the Easter bunny or by you. But with kids getting so much candy in their Easter basket, you may want some non candy Easter egg stuffer ideas. This can help kids avoid sugar overload! Finding some smaller items to fit inside plastic eggs is a great way to limit the Easter candy.

The dollar store is a great place to start to find these fun items. They have a large variety for good prices. There are lots of great ideas if you walk around the store and check things out. Another great place is the cheap section of Target or on Amazon. You can get some great Easter ideas in both places!

This list of Easter egg stuffers has everything you need for your annual Easter egg hunt!

  1. Hot Wheels
  2. Bouncy Balls
  3. Temporary Tattoos
  4. Hair Ties
  5. Hair Clips
  6. Silly Putty
  7. Finger Puppets
  8. Friendship Bracelets
  9. Trail Mix
  10. Little People
  11. Small Craft Supplies
  12. Lip Gloss or Lip Balm
  13. Kinetic Sand
  14. Fruit Snacks
  15. Movie Tickets
  16. Homemade Coupons
  17. Dollar Bills
  18. Toy Animals
  19. Half Dollars
  20. Stickers
  21. Stamps
  22. Pens
  23. Rings
  24. Pop Bracelets
  25. Mini Figures
  26. Stretchy Sticky Hands
  27. Squishy Animals
  28. Play-Doh
  29. Mini Dinosaurs
  30. Small Pop Toys
  31. Spiky Sensory Balls
  32. Rainbow Scratch Sheets
  33. Water Growing Sea Creatures
  34. Rubber Duckies
  35. Mini Puzzle Pieces
  36. Mini Bubbles
  37. Small Unicorns
  38. Pencil Sharpeners
  39. Erasers
  40. Pinball Mazes
  41. Squirt Toys
  42. Wind Up Toys
  43. Porcupine Balls
  44. Jumping Frogs
  45. Whistle
  46. Bead Necklaces
  47. Mini Slime
  48. Magic Springs
  49. Spin Tops
  50. Shiny Gold Coins
  51. Mini Plush Toys
  52. Slap Bracelets
  53. Keychain
  54. Glow Bracelets
  55. Rubik’s Cube
  56. Bath Toys
  57. Crayons
  58. Markers
  59. Army Men
  60. Legos
  61. Nail Polish
  62. Bath Bombs’

Easter egg hunts are so much fun, no matter whether you fill the eggs with sweet treats and small toys. They can become a great part of your family’s Easter tradition. If you are looking for a way to make a good Easter egg hunt great, check out this Easter egg scavenger hunt! It’s tons of fun for the whole family!

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