gifts for babies under 1

Best Gifts for Babies Under 1

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Gifts for Babies Under 1 Year

When babies are young, it’s hard to figure out what would be the best gift for them.  Generally, infants under one are not doing too much yet. That makes finding a gift for them difficult. 

What Do You Buy for a Baby Under 1?

Finding a gift for a baby under 1 is hard because they can’t tell you what they want.

And you want them to have something they enjoy and will have fun with. So what do you get?

These best gifts babies under 1 are sure to be big hits that provide fun, enjoyment and help babies to develop all at the same time!

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Crawl Around Car

This toy was one of my kids favorites! They loved playing with this all the time, especially when they were just starting to crawl and stand. It helped them be able to have a stable place to practice standing.

It also has some fun controls inside that have lights and play music that babies love!

Fisher-Price Smartphone and Remote

This toy is fun for kids to learn numbers and hear songs as they learn how to hit the buttons. They are great for kids on short trips or entertaining them at a family’s house.

It is also a great toy to bring to restaurants to help entertain kids. This is a big help to parents!

Fisher-Price Nursery Rhymes CD Player

This toy is so much for babies! It helps young kids with their coordination in using fingers to push buttons and play music.

Evenflo Exersaucer Bounce & Learn

An exersaucer is a great gift for a baby under one, especially if they are not walking yet. This piece of baby gear helps children to strengthen their legs, plus they are super entertaining!

Fisher-Price Little People

Fisher-Price Little People are great gifts for babies under 1. They have such a wide variety of toys and they are interchangable. You can use the little figures with different houses, vehicles and scenes. These also help babies get their creative juices flowing.

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Learn with Puppy Walker

A push walker is a fun activity for babies that they can use to help walk. And they generally all come with different activities on the front that younger babies can sit and play with. It is a great gift that can be used for a long time!

Taggies Little Leaf Elephant Lovey Soft Toy

Taggies are a fun gift for babies. They love to play with the little tags, chew on them and try to stick their little fingers in the loops! They are easy for little fingers to hold onto.

LeapFrog Little Office Learning Center

Kids love playing with activity tables! They are great for babies to help learn to pull themselves up and practice standing, while having some stimulation. It is the perfect gift for a baby under 1!

The First Years Stack Up Cup Toys

Stacking cups give children so many different ways to play! They can learn to put them together, stack them up or use them as cups! My kids have loved playing with them!

VTech Baby Babble and Rattle Microphone

A baby singing microphone can provide hours of fun! Children love songs and music and the lights and buttons can keep a baby engaged.

Oball 3 Piece Go Grippers Vehicles, Race Car-3 pack

Go Gripper Vehicles are great little cars for babies! They are not a choking hazard and they have little holes that are easy for little fingers to help them easily move them around. They make a great gift for babies!

Books are also a great gift for kids of any age! Reading to kids and having them interact with books is so important for their development.

Hopefully this gift guide gave you some great ideas for finding the best gifts for a baby under 1!

What is your go to gift for babies?

best gifts for kids under one

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best gifts for baby under 1

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  1. Hello, I so appreciate these thoughtful suggestions. My daughter-in-law, however , insists on no plastic toys for my 11 month old grandson except for a few that he uses in the bathtub. We are looking at the website for Hape toys which are all wooden. Maybe you have heard of them?

    1. Both of my kids LOVED the crawl around car – they played with it until they could not fit in it anymore (but would still try!)

    1. What I love about these are that they are great to get young ones starting to play but they will play with them for months and months later!

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