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Best Books for a 1 year old

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Books for 1 Year Olds

Reading to your kids is an important thing to do. It helps them to develop their speech and understanding of different things.

My little guy turned two a couple weeks ago.  He really started to show an interest in books over the last year.  He is constantly bringing a book up to me and saying either “book” or “read”.   Here are some of our favorite books for a 1 year old.

best books for toddlers

Sleepyheads by Sandra J. Howatt and Joyce Wan

This is a great book to get toddlers ready for bed.  It walks through where all little animals fall asleep.  It’s perfect for bedtime!

If Animals Kissed Good Night by Ann Whitford Paul

This is definitely the best book for 1 year olds!  We love all the animals in this book and the fun ways that they say goodnight to their mommy or daddy.  

When we can, I love giving my children the same type of kisses and cuddles!

Belly Button Book by Sandra Boynton

Really, we love pretty much all Sandra Boynton books.  They are so much fun and the stories and silly and cute.  

The Belly Button book is one of the best, in our opinion. It talks all about hippos and their belly buttons – my kids will always refer to their belly buttons as “bee bo’s”.

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? by Eric Carle

I love this book because the sound of it is fun and it’s also a great learning book.  

It helped my daughter learn her colors and animals. We would look at the page ahead to learn the next color.    It’s such a great book for children!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle

This picture book is so cute!  It talks about different foods which is fun for toddlers!  

Puppet Books

These are some of my sons favorites.  The stories are short so they keep a toddler’s attention, plus the addition of a little puppet makes it fun!

Kisses for Daddy by Frances Watts

This is a super cute book is all about doing a bedtime routine with daddy.  

Baby bear does not want to give daddy a hug and kiss goodnight so they talk all about how other baby animals give their daddies kisses goodnight.  It is really cute and great for learning about other animals!

What are your best books for 1 year olds?

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best books for one year old

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  1. These are great! The hungry caterpillar book is a classic. Also, I love making my own books for my children with a service called BookBildr. It’s sort of like Canva for making children’s books.

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