chapter books for kindergartners

Best First Chapter Books for Kindergarten

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Chapter Books for Kindergartners

One of the most exciting things that kids in kindergarten learn is how to read. They may not be able to read whole chapter books, but you have to start somewhere! Reading chapter books with your kindergartner is a great way to help them start to recognize words and read on their own.

What Age Should You Start Reading Chapter Books?

A good age to start reading chapter books with kids is 5 or 6. Generally right around kindergarten age right along when they are learning how to read.

An awesome thing that comes out of reading chapter books with your child is that as they progress through the school year, they start to recognize more and more words as you read. It’s amazing to see!

This list is the best first chapter books for kindergarten age kids!

Junie B. Jones

The Junie B. Jones series focuses on a little girl, obviously named Junie B. Jones, who is in kindergarten.

It is written from her point of view, and with her words, which can be a bit much sometimes, but following along with Junie B’s antics throughout the series is a lot of fun!

Plus, kids can relate because they are going through the same things as Junie B.

As the series goes on, Junie B graduates from kindergarten and she, and the books, move onto the first grade! So it’s a great series that grows with your child.

The Magic Treehouse

The Magic Treehouse is a great first chapter book for kindergartners since it is filled with adventures!

The series follows a brother and sister, Jack and Annie. In the first book of the series, they discover a treehouse they had never seen before in the woods behind their house. It is filled with books.

They soon discover that it is a magic treehouse that will transport them to different places based on the books.

There are over 20 books in the series and they are really fun and exciting! Every book is a different adventure for Jack and Annie. It’s also great because it teaches kids about different areas of the world.

A to Z Mysteries

The A to Z Mysteries is a fun book series about three young friends, Dink, Josh and Ruth Rose. Through their regular lives, they encounter a different mystery in each book.

The books are very cute and fun, following along with the mystery to see if you can figure out what happened!

The Unicorn Diaries

The Unicorn Diaries are different from the previous books listed. They are written from the perspective of one unicorn and written in diary form.

They usually cover a week at a time. The chapters are short and cute, especially if you have a unicorn loving child.

One fun thing about these is that the words are usually easy and the font is bigger so it’s easy for kids to pick out words they recognize.

The Owl Diaries

The Owl Diaries are very similar to the Unicorn Diaries, but written from the perspective of an owl, Eva.

The format provides for a quicker read, but the stories are really cute!

Reading to your kids at any age is important, but it is starts to be different as your child starts to read. These chapter books for kindergarten kids are a great way to transition from single books to chapter books.

What is your favorite chapter book to read with your kindergartner?

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best first chapter books for kindergarten

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