animal charades game

Animal Charades Game for Kids

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Animal Charades Game

We are always looking for fun games to play with the kids. One game they love and that you can play anywhere is charades. I’ve found that they tend to love acting out animal in particular. And that’s where this game of animal charades comes from!

How Do You Play Animal Charades?

Animal charades is a pretty easy game to play. The great thing is it’s fun to play with all ages.

You can start by taking these printable animal charades cards, cutting them up and putting them into a pile.

The first person picks a card and acts out the animal! The great thing about these animal charades cards is that they have the name of the animal and a picture! That way, even the littlest kids can play!

animal charades cards

What are the Rules to the Game of Charades?

The great thing about charades is that there aren’t many rules and the ones there are – are ones you make! There is no set rules, which makes it easier to play with kids.

One common rule is that the person who guests the animal goes next. Another is that there is no talking when acting out the animal – you can only use your body.

Other than that, you can make up your own!

When you are looking for a fun rainy day activity, or a family game night, grab these free printable animal charades cards and have a great time!

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animal charades cards

animal charades game for kids

animal charades game

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