Pool bag essentials

Essentials to Pack In Your Bag for a Day at the Pool

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Pool Day Packing List

There is nothing that kids look forward to more during the summer than going swimming at a pool. But as a mom, it can be stressful trying to remember all the essentials to pack in your beach bag.

When it is a hot day and you decide to head to the pool, you want to make sure you pack all of the important things.

This packing list will help you make sure you pack the perfect pool bag!

Large Bag: This likely seems obvious but there are so many essential items to bring for your fun pool day that you need to make sure you have a bag with plenty of space!

Swim Diapers: If you have a little one who is not potty trained yet, you do not want to forget those swim diapers. A young child who cannot swim due to no diapers is going to make one unhappy little one!

Life Jackets or Water Wings: If you have kids who cannot swim or are not strong swimmers, remembering to bring a life jacket or water wings is essential. It will help put your mind at ease and let your little swimmers have more fun!

What to pack in your pool bag

Beach Towels: I would recommend bringing one towel per child. It will be inevitable that they will want a break from the pool and there’s nothing better for them to be wrapped in a nice warm beach towel!

Plastic Bag: This one is easy to forget – but if you want to change the kids clothes before leaving the pool so they are not going home wet, bringing a plastic bag to put wet swimsuits in is essential!

Change of Clothes: Driving home in a wet bathing suit is not ideal – bringing the kids (and yourself!) dry clothes is a good idea.

Sun Protection: This can include sunscreen and lip balm. When you are in the water, it is easy to forget about sun protection. But be sure to put that sunscreen before and after hitting the pool to keep everyone safe!

An easy thing to use on kids is a sunscreen stick. You can quickly put it on their faces before they jump back into the swimming pool!

Small First Aid Kit: This is something that is a good idea to keep around in any circumstance, but it’s pretty easy for kids to get a little scrap getting in and out the pool with all of the excitement of the day! Keep those band-aids handy!

Snacks and Water/Drinks: What do kids love more than snacks? Making sure you are stocked for the day with snacks and drinks to keep the kids hydrated, especially on a hot day are must haves!

Grabbing a stainless steel bottle can be a good idea because you can keep the water nice and cold with just a little ice!

A great idea for extra snacks are fresh fruit. This is a great way to give the kids a healthy snack and help keep them hydrated.

Hair Ties: If you have a child with longer hair, bringing hair ties to put their hair in a ponytail or a braid helps to keep their hair from getting all knotted while swimming.

Something fun and extra to bring are pool toys or a pool float. I know my kids love playing on floats in a pool where they can jump off or play with it.

A favorite one of ours is the round ones. The kids love to get on it together and be spun around or pretend they are in a hurricane.

It’s also fun to bring a ball to play around with or water guns to have a fun water fight!

No matter what a summer day at the pool is always so much fun! It’s the perfect way to spend the day, help tire the kids out and have a good time!

What are your pool day essentials?

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List of Pool Bag Essentials

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