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Baby Proofing Your Home: Free Checklist

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Baby Proofing Checklist

When a new baby comes, they are so cute and don’t move around too much. There is not much to worry about for new parents in terms of baby proofing.

And as much as you can’t wait for the day that your baby will start rolling or crawling, it also comes with some work to make sure that the entire house is a safe place for your curious baby. It’s a good idea to use this baby proofing checklist to help!

Baby proofing checklist

Every Room

Smoke Detectors: This is really for every day, but you should ensure all your smoke detectors work and are up to date.

Outlet Plug Covers: Every outlet that is reachable by a baby or toddler should have plug covers. Kids love to put their fingers in things as they explore. For some reason, an electrical outlet is especially appealing to them. Making sure they are covered with safety plugs will help keep little fingers out of them!

Soft Baby Proofing Corner Guards : This is applicable both when they are babies and even more so when they are toddlers. If you have a fireplace, there are likely to be some sharp corners. This is the perfect place to use a rubber cover for so it won’t be sharp for baby. Another is if you have a coffee table. Then for toddlers, any sharp counter edges you may want to consider covering.


Anchor Heavy Furniture : If there is any furniture in your baby’s room, you want to make sure it is anchored down. As children get older and learn to pull themselves up, and then climb, there is the risk that they could pull the furniture down on top of them and get really hurt.

Small Objects: This really applies to all rooms. It’s important to be careful of small objects making their way into your baby’s room. To a baby, small objects are dangerous items. This is particularly applicable if they have an older sibling. Babies and young kids love to put things in their mouths. They don’t know when they are choking so anything that could be a hazard should be kept out of baby’s reach.

Living Room

Baby Gates: A baby gate is important when your little one starts moving around. It’s important to make sure they cannot get up or tumble down the stairs. Baby gates also help to keep toddlers out of areas that could be potentially dangerous, such as around a fireplace or a TV.

Blind Cords: If you have blinds in your living room, or any room in your house, make sure that any cords are tucked up high away from where a baby can reach. A baby could put the cord around their neck and choke themselves.


Drawer Locks: Toddlers especially like to get into drawers and explore. There can often be dangerous things in there such as knives or other sharp objects. Drawer locks come in handy to keep little hands out!

Cabinet Locks: Cabinet locks are similar to the drawer safety locks. You want to keep cabinets, especially lower ones where babies can easily get into once they start crawling, locked up if they have anything breakable or have any cleaning supplies or toxins that could hurt them.

Fridge Lock: This one is probably more for when kids are toddlers, but they can start getting in the fridge and could try to climb in there or get their hands on something breakable.

Dishwasher Lock: For some reason, kids are attracted to the dishwasher, but it’s extremely dangerous if they try to climb in there.


Toilet Lock: Little hands like the toilet and you want to keep them out. Not only is it disgusting, but there is also the chance that a young child could fall head first in and really be in big trouble.

How have you baby proofed your house?

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Baby proofing checklist

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9 thoughts on “Baby Proofing Your Home: Free Checklist”

    1. Stephanie Eddy

      My little ones are obsessed with the toilet for some reason! It helps to keep those little hands out!

  1. All of this is great information! I didn’t even know that there was such a thing as baby proofing the dishwasher!

    1. Stephanie Eddy

      The same thing happens to me! It amazes me how they find ways to get around all the baby proofing we do!

  2. I remember how much babyproofing we did when the kids were little. We have a brick fireplace and I made sure to cover up all those sharp edges with bumpers!

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