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Santa Cam Letter for Christmas (Free Printable!)

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Printable Santa Cam Letter

When the holiday season is upon us, all the talk about when your Elf will appear starts. But the Elf on the Shelf is a lot of work! Turning to santa cam ornament is a much easier option!

You might be wondering, what is a santa cam ornament?

This is a round ornament that looks like a round ball and what looks like a camera in it. You hang the ornament on the Christmas tree.

The story behind the ornaments for young kids is that the camera is a direct line to the North Pole. Santa is constantly watching and knows whether you should be on the nice list or not.

This is a fun way to promote good behavior during the Christmas season. It also adds a little magic into this time of year.

A great way to let the kids know about how the santa cam ornament works is with this free letter.

This free printable letter helps to explain it all to your child and is a great idea for helping keep kids on their best behavior leading up to Christmas!

Grab your free printable santa cam letter here!

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