gingerbread house coloring pages for kids

Free Printable Gingerbread House Coloring Pages for Kids

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Christmas Gingerbread Coloring Page

There are so many things that you can associate with Christmas but one of the most common for the holiday season is gingerbread houses. Kids love to build them (but parents know how much of a pain they can be!). That’s why these free printable gingerbread house coloring pages are so perfect!

Kids of all ages love to try to build their own gingerbread house. I’ve tried a couple different times with my kids during the Christmas season. But it never fails that as we finally get it together, the frosting doesn’t stick and we have a flat house!

We’ve changed it up over the years and gotten gingerbread cookies. Then we get frosting and lots of fun decorations and they love making their very own unique gingerbread men.

Something fun to add to the holiday fun of decorating Christmas cookies are Christmas coloring pages. Specifically, these free coloring pages of gingerbread houses.

They can be colored and used as Christmas decorations around the house. Another fun idea is that the gingerbread coloring pages can be left for Santa Claus when they leave out cookies and milk on Christmas eve. There’s nothing quite as magical as leaving Santa a special picture.

Another perfect activity to use these free printable coloring pages is to read one of the Gingerbread Man books (or the Gingerbread Girl). Then after reading the book together, younger kids can color the fun gingerbread house.

One last idea to use this fun coloring sheet is for kids to color them with crayons, markers, colored pencils or even a little glitter glue! Maybe add in some more little gingerbread stickers. And then the kids can give their work of art as a special gift to family members or little friends.

Grab your free printable gingerbread house coloring pages below! Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

free printable gingerbread house coloring pages

cute gingerbread house coloring pages

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