Free Transportation Printables for Kids

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Transportation Activities

A fun thing for kids to learn about is transportation. They love all modes of transportation – cars, trucks, trains, planes and even helicopters! Having printable activities are a great way to kids to learn about how each work and how they are useful in everyday life.

Kids see so many different types of vehicles every day – a garbage truck picking up the trash, a dump truck at a construction site, a fire engine at a station or driving through the streets, or a school bus full of students.

My son loves different cars and planes. He is constantly watching planes flying overhead, whether we are playing in the backyard or driving in the car. He also loves to race his matchbox toy cars and play with remote control cars.

Transportation is a great theme to use when teaching kids different skills. With lots of fun ideas, the ways to learn are endless!

These free printables about different types of transportation can make learning so much fun!

Free Transport Lacing Cards – these hands-on activities for kids include a hot air balloon, submarine and sailboat! These are a fun way for kids to work on their fine motor skills!

Transportation Line Tracing Worksheets – These worksheets are a great addition to a transportation unit in school or are a good activity to help kids learn how to draw lines while tracing a vehicles driving path.

Vehicle Themed Worksheets – These free printable worksheets are great for little kids. They include worksheets to help with counting, color matching and sorting.

Transportation Color by Letter – These transportation vehicles color by letters are a great resource to help kids learn their letters. With eight different versions that include coloring pages of an airplane, sailboat, car, submarine and more!

Alphabet Trucks Dot Marker Printables – Using dot markers and these fun transportation theme printables, kids can learn the letters of the alphabet in a super fun way! Each truck picture represents a different letter and you can use bright colors to color in each design.

All of these fun transportation theme activities are a great way to help kids make learning fun while doing it with something they are interested in and love! There are so many different vehicles that they appeal to lots of kids.

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Another fun way to learn is with a transportation book! A great book can always help kids learn more!

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Free Transportation Printables

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