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Free Printable Bookmarks to Color for Kids

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Free Printable Bookmarks

When kids start reading chapter books where they need to keep their place, having a bookmark is so helpful.  And how fun would it be to make their own bookmarks!

These free bookmarks with a few different designs are a fun activity.  For the best results, print these fun bookmarks on card stock.   Kids then can color them and then cut along the lines to make some great new bookmarks.  They are sure to provide lots of coloring fun!  To make them last a bit longer, use markers when coloring.  They tend to not fade or rub off on the book pages as much.  When they are done coloring, use a hole punch at the top and put a cute little ribbon on it.

These printable bookmark designs can be printed on a home printer.  Then there are so many different ways that you can use them!

This is an easy project.  It can also be a great rainy day activity.  These free printables are perfect for kids of all ages.  They are a great way to help kids enjoy reading more if they have their very own bookmark that they colored.

‚ÄčThese cute bookmarks can also make great gifts!  It would be a lot of fun to have kids color different bookmarks for each of their friends in their class.  They could even include a little personalized note on the back of the bookmark.  

Another idea is to make this one of the fun activities to do in a kids book club.  It’s the perfect way to help make reading fun!

They also make great party favors to include in a goodie bag!  You could even include it as an activity at the birthday party.  Put out a little glitter glue, markers and maybe even some stickers and each kid can make their own unique design.

Grab your free bookmark templates below!

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Free Printable Coloring Bookmarks

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