Easy Valentine Craft for Kids

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Whenever a holiday comes around, I like to look for easy crafts to do with my daughter, Peyton, who is 4. She is huge into arts and crafts right now so it works out great and is something fun that we can do together.

This one that we are doing for Valentines Day is super cute and pretty easy. It is a tissue paper heart. It allows for some creativity with using different tissue paper, but is pretty simple.

Here are the steps we used to create our tissue paper hearts!

What you Need for this Easy Valentines Day Craft

Easy Valentines Crafts for Kids

Cardboard/Foam Heart – You can pick whatever size you might want. We did a smaller one because I was afraid Peyton would lose interest if it took too long to do.

Elmer’s Glue

Tissue Paper – you can use any colors but we used red, pink and white, and some with hearts that I found


How to Make this Easy Valentines Day Craft

Step 1: Cut out your heart shape or if you are like me and wanted a simple way, I bought a heart shape already from decorations at the store.

Easy Valentines Craft for Kids

Step 2: Cut the tissue paper into squares. You want to make sure they are not too small so that you can’t easily glue them onto your heart.

Easy Valentines Craft for Kids

Step 3: Set up your heart, tissue paper and put a small amount of glue onto a paper plate. Also get your pencil ready to use to put the tissue paper on the heart.

Easy Valentines Crafts for Kids

Step 4: Take a square of tissue paper, put the pencil, flat end down, in the middle of the tissue paper. Wrap the tissue paper around the pencil. Then put the end of the tissue paper lightly into the glue and place onto the heart. It will likely take a few times to figure out the right amount of glue.

Step 5: Continue going with Step 4 until you have filled up the entire heart. Once done, let the glue dry. Then you will have a great new Valentines decoration!

What is your favorite Valentines craft to do with the kids?

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2 thoughts on “Easy Valentine Craft for Kids”

    1. My little girl had so much fun – after we did the first one together, she did a whole other one by herself!

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