thanksgiving coloring pages for kids

Free, Cute Thanksgiving Coloring Pages for Kids

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For kids, Thanksgiving is mostly about getting together with their family and food. It is not exactly the most exciting holiday for kids. But some cute Thanksgiving coloring pages could keep them occupied while the food is being cooked and football games are being watched.

Finding some Thanksgiving activities that will help to keep the kids involved in the holiday, but not underfoot are key!

The best thing about these cute Thanksgiving coloring pages is kids can do them at anytime during the day.

If you need to keep them out of the kitchen while you are cooking dinner, they can do some coloring.

If you want to keep the kids occupied while the adults finish their dinner, they can do some coloring pages at the table.

You could even have the kids contribute to getting the table set by having them color the pages, then using them as a placemat for each person! Imagine how proud they will be to have their artwork as part of Thanksgiving dinner!

All you need are these coloring pages, crayons, colored pencils or markers and maybe some fun stickers!

Grab these super cute free Thanksgiving coloring pages for kids to make the holiday fun for all!

Grab the free printable Thanksgiving coloring pages here!

Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

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