best teething toys for babies

Best Teething Toys for Babies

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When your baby starts teething, you will look for anything to help them out. Teething toys are a great way to help a baby soothe their gums while working those teeth out at the same time.

There are so many different types of teething toys, that are all so helpful!

Every baby has different preferences. That’s why it is a good idea to try out different teethers. What works for one baby may not work for another.

And at different stages of teething, different types of teethers may be preferred.

Check out these best teething toys for babies!

Teething Necklaces:

A teething necklace is a great tool for moms to have. Every baby wants to put mama’s jewelry in their mouths.

These safe teething necklaces are stylish for mom and perfect to help baby through the teething pain!

Gel Teethers:

There is nothing that feels better on a little ones gums than something cold. It helps to soothe their painful mouths.

Gel teethers are made to be put into the freezer and keep cold and soothing.

Baby Drool Bandana with Teether Attached:

A baby drool bandana is the serves two purposes: it catches all of the drool that your baby has from teething (keeping their clothes a little less wet!) and has a teether attached for them to chomp on.

Teething Mitt:

A teething mitt is perfect for a younger baby when they first start teething. They may not yet be able to hold onto a toy on their own.

The teething mitt goes right on your little one’s hand and has a teether at the end so instead of chomping on their fingers, your baby has a great teether to help!

Fresh Fruit Teether:

A fruit teether is a great tool for young toddlers who are teething. It is a mesh bag where you can put frozen fruit in. So while getting your child some nutrition, it is also not hurting their gums because the cold helps!

Cuddly Teether:

This cuddly teether is perfect for bedtime. It is like a little lovey with some teething toys attached. That way they can chomp while they are trying to sleep and be soothed at the same time.

Teething Blankie:

A teething blankie is a good thing to have when an older baby is napping or sleeping. The blankie can be a soother and the corners having rougher surfaces give them something to chew on.

This is also good because the blanket is small so it is not a hazard to young children.

Teether Pop:

A teether pop is great for a little older baby or young toddler. The cold is feels good on their gums and they can get either a little treat or some of their breast milk or formula at the same time.

Teething Ring:

Teething rings are great for when babies want to play but are also suffering from sore gums. They can hold their rings and chew on the various sections to get different textures against their gums.

Clip On Teethers:

This is teether is great because you can clip it onto your baby or young toddler and they will always have it within arms reach.

It also has different textures which can help to soothe their painful gums.

It usually is a combination of teethers that will help a baby through this difficult and painful time. Keep on trying until you find something that works for your baby!

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