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Baby Sensory Activities for 6-12 Months

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Baby Activities for Development

When you first have your baby, you know that there are certain things that you want to do to help them reach certain developmental milestones. Sensory activities is one way for babies to reach those.

What are sensory activities for babies?

A sensory activity for a baby is an activity that uses the babies senses to help them become more aware of their body and how to use it.

A sensory activity uses a babies sense of touch, sight, smell, or taste. At 6-12 months, babies are developing at a remarkable pace. They learn new things every single day and activities like this only help their learning process.

These sensory activities are sure to help your baby develop further and have fun doing it!

Sensory Bins

A sensory bin is a great way to help a baby learn different feels and shapes.

So how do you make a sensory bin?

First decide on what type of bin you would like to make. One type you could make is with different balls. You can find balls with different sizes and textures.

Maybe use some cotton balls, smooth round balls or balls with texture. One thing to keep in mind is just to make sure not to include anything that the baby could choke on. At this young age, they like to put things in their mouths.

baby activities for sensory

For a sensory bin, putting any mix of different objects with different shapes and textures will make a great sensory activities.

Finger Painting

Another great sensory activity for older babies is finger painting. While it of course will almost definitely get messy, they are sure to love it!

Set up your baby in a highchair, put a couple different color paints on a tray, and tape down a piece of paper so it’s easy for them to use.

Then let them go to town! They will love the feel of the paint on their fingers and be able to use the creative part of their brain while making a little masterpiece!

baby finger painting

Have an Activity Cube

They now make some really cool activity cubes. Most have different activities on each side that can help a baby with different senses and various areas of development.

baby sensory activities

Playing with Blocks

Playing with different size blocks is a great activity for babies. They can start to try to stack them if they are a little older. Or they can feel the shape.

Even though they might be unsteady, if they are working on putting the blocks together, it helps with their motor skills as well.

Any activity you can do with your baby is great to help them learn all about their senses. What is your favorite activity to do with your baby?

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