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12 Adorable Mermaid Crafts for Kids

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Fun Mermaid Crafts for Kids

If you have a little girl, it’s likely that you may have watched The Little Mermaid a time or two. And what little girl doesn’t then want to be a mermaid. From their pretty colors to their cool tails, anything having to do with mermaids are so much fun!

The Little Mermaid was my sister’s favorite when we were younger. She made me watch it over and over again. So when it came time to watch it with my daughter, I wasn’t sure how it would go. Needless to say, she loved it!

When you have a mermaid lover, the best ideas for a fun project are mermaid crafts. They can be done at a mermaid party or just for a fun afternoon activity. 

A fun craft activity can also make a great party favor for a mermaid themed party.

These crafts are perfect for kids of all ages who love mermaids!

Mermaid Paper Crafts

Ariel Paper Doll: Ariel is who every little kid thinks of when they hear the word mermaid. This paper Ariel mermaid doll can be used as a puppet or added to a gift bag as a special little surprise!

Toilet Paper Tube Mermaid Craft: This adorable craft uses toilet paper rolls to make a cute little mermaid. It even comes with a free printable template for the shapes that are needed to put your little mermaid together. Or if your child feels like being creative, they can draw and cut out the shapes on their own.

Paper Plate Mermaid Craft: This cute craft uses paper plates, a provided template, crayons or markers and colored yarn to assemble a beautiful mermaid. It would be the perfect activity for birthday parties with a mermaid theme!

Mermaid Handprint Craft: Use your favorite colors to make this super fun mermaid handprint craft. Simply use the template provided, color to your liking and put together!

Mermaid Paper Bag Craft: This simple craft is easy to recreate and would make a great activity for a mermaid themed birthday party.

Other Cute Mermaid Crafts and Activities

Aluminum Foil Stained Glass Mermaid Art: This unique craft is a great one for big kids. Using something simple like mermaid coloring pages found online, you can use aluminum foil to make the illusion of “stained glass”, cut out the image and color in the spaces. 

Mermaid Inspired Slime: What kid doesn’t love slime! This mermaid slime adds some fun under the sea type colors along with glitter to really feel like you are playing with mermaid magic!

Mermaid Favor Bags & Popcorn: Perfect party favors for a mermaid style party are these favor bags with special mermaid popcorn. This popcorn recipe is fun to make and will make kids super excited when leaving the party!

Peg Doll Mermaid Craft: Mermaids are beautiful creatures and this mermaid peg doll represents them perfectly. Using glitter paper, a balloon, rainbow thread and a wooden peg, kids can be creative creating their own little mermaid!

DIY Mermaid Crafts

DIY Mermaid Tiara: This fun activity uses small assorted shells, glue, and sparkly paint to help kids make their very own mermaid tiara!

DIY Clothespin Mermaid Craft: These clothespin mermaid crafts uses clothespins, pom poms, glitter and white school glue to make adorable mermaids!

DIY Mermaid Tail Bookmarks: Using paper, sequins, glue and an easy template, kids of all ages can make their very own mermaid bookmarks!

Whether you have younger kids or ones that are a little older, mermaids can represent a magical creature to them. They are fun and beautiful and it is easy to be creative with mermaid themed crafts.

They are perfect for a rainy day, a themed party or just a fun afternoon activity. Whatever awesome mermaid crafts you choose, I’m sure you will a fantastic time!

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