Free Sun and Moon Coloring Pages for Kids

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Free Printable Sun and Moon Coloring Pages

One of the first things kids learn about are the sun and moon. They recognize that the sun means that it is daytime and the moon means it is nighttime. Sometimes they recognize that there are different phases of the moon.

For instance, that it is much smaller or a crescent moon. Or a full moon, when it looks similar to the sun. My son loves looking for the moon during the day and seeing if it a full moon or not.

They love to see the different colors as the sun rises and sets. My daughter loves when the sky has all kinds of different pink colors.

A great addition to any lesson about the sun or moon, or even the solar system is a fun coloring page. They are perfect for kids of all ages.

These printable pictures can be used in so many different ways. They can be a coloring activity for older children using colored pencils. Or they are a great way for younger kids to start to learn about sun and the moon.

Grab these fun, free sun and moon printable coloring pages below!

free sun coloring pages

free printable moon coloring pages

sun coloring sheets for kids

moon coloring sheets

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Free Sun and Moon Coloring Sheets

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