smiley face coloring pages

Free Printable Smiley Face Coloring Pages

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Happy Face Coloring Pages

Who doesn’t love smiley faces? They make everyone happy! It’s one of the first things that kids learn to draw. These smiley face coloring pages will definitely be a big hit.

One of the first things my daughter started drawing were smiley faces. She would draw all different types. And almost everything she drew had a smiley face on it.

I think it’s so cute when she adds some cute eyelashes to her drawings!

The best part about smiley face coloring pages is that they can be whatever you want them to be. They can be as simple as happy faces with the word “smile!”

Or they can be more fun and creative. Like an apple with a smiley face. Or even a smiling flower!

Some great ways to use these coloring pages are as part of lesson plans for school or at a party.

For a school lesson, they can be used as part of a kindness lesson. This could be where kids learn about being nice and kind to others. The coloring pages can help reinforce how a smile goes a long way!

They can also be used as a party favor with a little package of crayons or markers. You could even include some smiley face stickers!

Another idea is to print out a bunch of different copies and include it as a fun activity during a party – whether it’s a birthday party, cookout or just a fun afternoon outside! Grab some markers, crayons or paint and let kids get creative!

No matter how you use them, these free printables are super cute and are sure to be a big hit with the kids!

Check out and grab your free printable smiley face coloring pages below! I hope they make your day!

”Smile” Smiley Face

smiley face coloring pages

Apple Smiley Face

free printable smiley face coloring pages

Heart Smiley Face

smiley face printable coloring pages

Flower Smiley Face

smiley face coloring pages

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