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How to Throw a Kid Friendly Superbowl Party

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Superbowl Party with Kids

The Superbowl is such a fun game to watch whether you are a football fan or not.  Everyone loves the big game – it can be to watch your favorite team, watch the new commercials or enjoy the fun halftime show.

But when you have kids like me, we like to make your Superbowl party kid friendly so that they can enjoy it just as much as the adults.

If you have kids of your own and are hosting the Superbowl party, a great thing to let the kids do is to help you decorate.  Whether you just pick up some banners or are setting out plates and utensils, getting them to help with the setup can make them feel included.

There are so many things you can do to throw a kid friendly Superbowl party – here are my favorite tips! 

The Superbowl Accessories

What kid does not like to dress up!  Get some fun beads or leis at the party store and let them wear some during the game.

how to throw a superbowl party with kids

Another fun thing to get is noisemakers!  Every kid loves to blow their horns or shake some maracas when their favorite team scores!

Kid Friendly Superbowl Food

There are so many options when it comes to Superbowl food that is great for kids.  A couple of my kid friendly favorites are to have some meatballs in a crockpot and make some pigs in a blanket.  

kid friendly superbowl food

For pigs in a blanket, just roll some little hot dogs in a crescent roll and cook them in the oven.  I feel like every little kid loves hot dogs!

Another great idea is making a big pan of mac and cheese.  Then you can have little bowls – most kids love macaroni and cheese!

My all time favorite and a big hit among the kids is a snack stadium.  There are usually two different kinds: a cardboard one and an inflatable one.  We prefer the inflatable one because its easy to use year after year and just pick up new inserts. It has 8-10 different compartments that you can fill with anything you want!  

superbowl party food with kids

Some of the snacks that we have used in the past are: popcorn, chips; cheez-its; doritos; tostitos and chocolate covered pretzel rods.  There is usually a Superbowl cake or cupcakes that we put in the middle.

superbowl snacks for kids

We usually get some little popcorn boxes and let the kids decorate them.  I pick up some football or team stickers and use some markers to make it their own!  Then they can fill them up with their favorite snacks. The kids love it!

I would also suggest getting plenty of extras – because you know once they finish they usually lose them!

Don’t forget about drinks for the kids!  Keeping a separate cooler with kid drinks is a great idea.  Having small waters and some juice boxes is perfect!

Superbowl Activities for Kids

There are a lot of ideas for Superbowl activities for kids.  One fun idea is to give them some plain paper, and crayons, markers and stickers, and let them make posters to support their team! They can also just draw and it’s likely to keep them busy for a while.

Another great Superbowl activity for kids is to have some football themed pictures for the kids to color and help get into the spirit.

It’s also a great idea to give the kids their own space.  While it is fun for them to hang out with the adults, they love it much more to have their own room to play!  They can watch the Superbowl or a more kid friendly show.  

By giving them their own space, you can also keep the “kid mess” a little more contained.  

Having a kid friendly Superbowl party can be so much fun because even though they may not know what they are cheering for, they get excited when they see everyone else excited!

Keep them involved with the cheering and high fives – they will love it!

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how to throw a kid friendly super bowl party
Superbowl party with kids

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