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Free Tooth Fairy Letter for Kids (Free Printable!)

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Tooth Fairy Letter Template

When your child loses their first tooth, it is a big deal! They wait forever for that wiggly tooth to finally come out and get their very first tooth fairy visit.

And as parents, we take on the tooth fairy duties! It is an exciting time for kids when they lose their first teeth.

My little girl actually lost two of her teeth on the same day because she had to get them pulled at the dentist. Her adult teeth were already coming in so those baby teeth had to go!

The dentist gave her a cute little pink tooth to put her teeth in to leave for the tooth fairy. Since she didn’t have a traditional first time losing a tooth, I felt like I had to do something extra special.

There are a lot of ways to make fairy visits so much fun! You can start a fairy tradition or do some special for the first tooth and different for the rest – it’s up to you!

A great idea is to get a special fairy pillow. These usually are cute little pillows with a pocket where you can put the lost tooth. That pillow can be put right next to your child’s pillow.

A couple other fairy ideas are to leave a tooth receipt or a tooth fairy certificate. You can include your child’s name.

Another great way to make the tooth fairy’s first visit special is by leaving a tooth fairy letter.

This free printable tooth fairy letter starts officially by saying that it is from the desk of the tooth fairy. Nothing is more official than that!

free printable tooth fairy letter

This is a fun way to make your child feel special with their own letter and dollar bill, small gifts or a shiny coin. You just take your child’s tooth and leave this special letter behind. They will be so excited in the morning!

Whatever you do, the tooth fairy’s first visit is special for kids. Good luck on your first official tooth fairy duty!

Grab your free printable tooth fairy letter here!

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